2024, Rolex Day-date “Major Redesign,” Cheap Fake Watches

Rolex launches new models of DAY DATE Day-Date almost every year. You can replace the new dial or use new gemstones. This year (2024), while launching the new Day-Date 40 and Day-Date 36, Rolex has significantly revised the 36mm Day-Date, so you should pay close attention.

Rolex’s new Day-Date 40, with a gradient dial.

Rolex’s new Day-Date 36: New Roman numerals

This year, the new Rolex Day-Date 36, represented by the gold case 128238, has been replaced with new three-dimensional Roman numerals, and the latest time scale shape is consistent with the Day-Date 40. Moreover, on the Rolex official website, all 36mm Day-Date Roman models have used new time scales, which means that the new Roman models have entirely replaced the old 36mm Day-Date Roman models.

Rolex’s new Day-Date 36 notes that the new model has been replaced with new Roman numerals.

Rolex’s new Roman numerals were first used on the 40mm Sunday calendar 2015. The new Roman numerals adopt the same design style as the hands of the Sunday calendar watch. The three-dimensional sense is powerful, and the three-dimensional time scale has multiple facets, combining flat and chamfered polishing. Like the Roman numerals VI, VIII, and X, different aspects are combined and interspersed with each other to form a large number of reflective surfaces. The light and shadow effect produced by the time scale can even be compared with the dogtooth ring. Unfortunately, the new Roman numerals have only been used on the Sunday calendar 40 until this year, when they were finally matched with the 36mm Sunday calendar. Players familiar with Rolex know that the 36mm Sunday calendar has always had Roman numerals in the past, but the old Roman numerals are either printed or flat metal time scales, which are much worse. This time, with the new time scale, the appearance of the Sunday calendar 36 has reached a new level. If you think the 40mm Sunday calendar is too large, buy the new Sunday calendar 36, which is smaller in size, but the luxury is not reduced. Cheap fake watches.

The new Rolex Day-Date 36 has been replaced with new Roman numerals. Pay attention to the latest and old.

Why is this update so critical? The new and old models are so different you can recognize them at a glance by looking at the dial. So when you buy a watch, you must pay attention to the new Day-Date 36 and look at the time mark. Because the new Roman version has completely replaced the old model, there will inevitably be many old models, whether you buy a watch in the primary or secondary market. Players who want a new model should pay attention to identification and buy the right one.

The new Rolex Day-Date 36, the new Roman numerals, are very beautiful.

The new Rolex Day-Date 40: Gradient dial

This year, the new Rolex Day-Date 40, represented by the rose gold case 228235, has been replaced with a new gradient dial. This year, Rolex focuses on gradient colors on the Day-Date 40, including gradient black for the rose gold case, gradient green for the gold case, and gradient blue for the white gold and platinum cases.

The new Rolex Day-Date 40, the new gradient dial

Previously, Rolex’s gradient dial was used on the Weekly Calendar 36, and it was equipped with diamond-encased scales. This year’s new gradient dial, Weekly Calendar 40, is equipped with Roman numerals. This rose gold 228235 has a grayish center, and the color spreads and deepens around it. It is black at the edge of the dial. In addition, the dial is decorated with radial patterns. Replica Rolex watches.

Details of the new gradient dial.

Rolex’s new Weekly Calendar 40: mother-of-pearl dial

This year, Rolex added a mother-of-pearl dial to the Weekly Calendar 40. The Weekly Calendar, represented by the platinum case 228239, is the first equipped with a mother-of-pearl dial. At the same time, ten strip diamond hour markers are on the dial. In addition to the platinum case, the gold case, rose gold case, and platinum case also have mother-of-pearl dials this year. At the same time, you can also choose to set the bezel with diamonds in addition to the dog tooth ring.

Rolex’s new Weekly Calendar 40, new mother-of-pearl strip diamonds

Whether 36 or 40, Rolex Day-Date has replaced Rolex’s new generation 32 automatic movement, specifically 3255. The 32 series movement has a power of 70 hours, continues to use Rolex blue niobium hairspring, new Chronergy escapement, non-card weight fine-tuning balance wheel, swing frequency 28800 times/hour, certified by Rolex Super Observatory, and daily error +2/-2 seconds. Rolex is not transparent, but the movement decoration is perfect; the exposed jewel bearing has gold-plated countersunk holes, the upper plywood is all brushed, and the invisible places of the lower plywood of the movement are also decorated with pearl patterns. The movement decoration is one of the best on the same level. It has achieved a balance between absolute performance and decoration.

Rolex Day-Date, using 3255 automatic movements.

One detail worth noting is that Rolex’s current movements, including the 32 series and Daytona’s 4131 automatic chronograph movement, have been upgraded with new automatic rotors. The new automatic rotor has significantly increased the number of ball bearings covering the bearing track, compared to the old automatic rotor, which only had seven ball bearings.

Rolex Day-Date uses a President’s chain and a hidden clasp.

Rolex Day-Date now uses a President’s chain and a hidden clasp. This combination is the highest treatment among Rolex. In the past, the Datejust 116233 generation also used a hidden clasp. Later, Rolex directly removed the hidden clasp of the Datejust and only gave it to the “big brother” Day-Date. Objectively speaking, the President’s chain of the Day-Date is luxurious and beautiful, with three sections, polished in the middle, brushed on both sides, raised links. A small crown is exposed by the hidden clasp, which is highly recognizable. This gold chain is very dressy and very uplifting.

President’s chain and hidden clasp, details.

It is perfect, and it is costly. Day-Date is one of the most challenging series to get in Rolex. First, Day-Date is a full-line gold watch, and the price of gold has risen during this period. After several rounds of price increases, the public cost of Day-Date is above 300,000 RMB. Even if you consider the secondary market, discounts, and other factors, the actual cost of a Sunday Calendar is similar to that of a large piece of gold. The only difference is that the overall cost of a platinum case is lower than that of a yellow gold case or a rose gold case. If you also like the low-key appearance of a platinum case, then a platinum case will save you a little money.

Series: Day-Date
Model: 218239
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Movement: Automatic
Case Size: 41mm

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