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The Top 10 Best-selling Watches In The World In 2019, Replica Watches Review

Many foreign institutions and websites have made statistics on which famous watch brands are the most popular. It is also broken down into the best-selling favorite watches in Asia and prominent eyes in Europe and the United States. However, renowned watch brands, including Swatch, Richemont, LVMH, etc., will not disclose their sales. Therefore, these data […]

Are Luxury Watches An “IQ Tax”? Is There Any “Value For Money”? Replica Watches

“IQ tax” refers to the lack of judgment when buying things, which is a manifestation of low IQ, and the wasted money is considered to have paid the low IQ tax. The term “IQ tax” is trendy now, and many things are considered “IQ tax.” Rolex red letter sea-dweller 126600 I saw someone asking whether […]

Two Rolex Daytonas Fetch High Prices At Auction; Best Fake Rolex

From April 1 to 8, 2020, Sotheby’s held the first week of “Watches Weekly” online watch auctions. The theme of the auction was “Rolex and Audemars Piguet.” A total of 19 watches were sold at or above the estimated price. The total transaction price reached 6.4 million Hong Kong dollars (equivalent to approximately 5.83 million […]

Three Desires For Diving Watches, Best Fake Watches

Many people say that price restricts choice. What affects us more is mentality and needs. Rolex Submariner: a feeling The Submariner, also called the Submariner, was launched in 1953. It was the world’s first waterproof watch up to 100 meters at that time. It was also a breakthrough in waterproof performance research after Rolex launched […]

After All, The Panda Dial Is The Prettiest! Best Rolex Replicas

The Panda’s black and white chubby body is world-famous, especially the two “dark circles” around its eyes. From Panpan, the mascot of the 1990 Asian Games, to Kung Fu Panda from DreamWorks, one famous cartoon image after another has deepened everyone’s impression of pandas. The love for “Panda” has an “international effect.” As long as […]

You Still Have To Look At Rolex, Fake Designer Watches For Unique Dials

In this year’s new Rolex products, everyone is attracted to the Perpetual 1908, which replaced the Cellini series, and the Daytona, which has completed the update. But in fact, Rolex has maintained the tradition of launching unique dials for day-date models every year for its new products. These masterpieces of watches are also worthy of […]

Comparison Of Three Generations Of Green Water Ghosts, Replica Watch Wholesale

The first generation Green Submariner was released in 2003 on the 50th anniversary of the Submariner series. The main unique features are the green aluminum alloy outer ring + black dial, 40 mm steel case, and 3135 self-winding mechanical movement. The second generation Green Water Ghost, released in 2010, has a green ceramic outer ring […]

The Three Best Watches To Buy For Father’s Day, Replica Watch Reviews

Father’s Day is a special day to express gratitude to fathers. If you can give a special gift and a blessing, it will make your father feel even happier. As for this gift, a watch is a good choice. A man received a look as a gift on Father’s Day. When he wears it in […]

Watches And The World, Replica Swiss Watches

Wind Shakes the Barley Left: Wheat fields in Dobrogea, Romania – Marius boduRight: Seiko Presage – Horomariobro Replica swiss watches Intersection Left: Independent watchmaking brand MB&F machine101-horomariobroRight: Lyon Peninsula, Lyon, France – Google Satellite Map Origin of Life Left: Independent watch brand Alain SilbersteinRight: Human sperm Fish scales Left: Japanese independent watch brand Kikuchi NakagawaRight: […]

The Greenest Fake Rolex, Why Did It Become Popular When It Was Discontinued?

Among the many Rolex watches, two precious metal watches with green disks became “hot” after the production was discontinued. Because the green plate is matched with a green crocodile leather strap, it is the greenest of all Rolex watches. So, why no one wanted it when it was launched, but now it is so popular […]