2024 Rolex Public Price Adjustment, Rolex Replica Watches

Following the usual practice, Rolex adjusted the prices of its products in January. This year, the price increases for precious metal models and “gold steel (gold steel)” models were pronounced. Although many Rolex products are still hard to find, this price adjustment has objectively narrowed the gap between the official selling price of some products and the transaction price in the secondary market. Below, we have selected several more representative products to look at their growth rates.

The first is the Explorer 36 gold steel model, the most accessible gold Rolex men’s watch. From a price point of view, the initial price of this watch in 2021 is RMB 84,500. Compared with many Rolex precious metal sports watches, the cost is in the “low-end” of similar products (excluding discontinued models).

As an “easy-to-get” Rolex sports watch, the most significant controversy about this watch is its size. From the first generation product Ref. 6350 in 1953 to the discontinued Ref. 114270 in 2010, the Explorer model has used a 36mm diameter for over half a century. It was not until 2011 that Ref. 214270 increased the watch diameter from 36mm to 39mm for the first time. However, the 39mm diameter has only been maintained for one generation. The 2021 model returns to 36mm again and adds a “golden steel” design for the first time, giving the series a touch of luxury. Rolex replica watches.

With the trend of mainstream men’s watches generally adopting 40 mm or larger diameters, the audience for the 36 mm model is undoubtedly limited, which is one of the reasons why the market performance of this product could be better. The brand is aware of this. In 2023, the Explorer model will add a 40mm version equipped with Cal. 3230 movement. The two sizes of Explorer models are on sale side by side. They are not iterative upgrades of old and new models. This move fully caters to the different appetites of players who like “classic sizes” and “modern aesthetics.” It should be noted that the 40mm Explorer model has not yet launched a “golden steel” model, so if you want to buy Jianjin Tanyi, only 36mm is currently available. The work price in 2023 is RMB 91,800, which will be raised to RMB 98,900 this year, an increase of RMB 7,100.

When mentioning Rolex’s “big gold watch,” the first thing that comes to many players’ minds is the iconic design, such as the “dog tooth ring” and “small window convex lens.” These two elements come together, day-date and day-date. Date Just is undoubtedly one of the representatives. The day-date case and bracelet are made of precious metals. It is Rolex’s flagship series and is naturally expensive. While the Datejust uses “Oystersteel,” the bezel and center bracelet of some models use 18K gold, which balances “luxury” and “price” and has both recognizable features.

Datejust disks come in many styles, materials, and sizes. The 41mm Ref.126333 is perfect for choosing the most representative product. This watch was released in 2016 and is one of the first watches equipped with Cal.3235 movement. The triangular grooved outer ring (dog tooth ring), five-bead chain, and many details align with players’ impression of “Dajinlao.”

Since its launch in 2016, the log-type Ref. 126333 price has been increased several times. The current price of the Oyster strap version is RMB 116,100, and the five-bead chain version is RMB 121,300. Last year, their prices were RMB 107,300 and RMB 112,300, respectively. This time, the price increased from RMB 8,800 to RMB 9,000.

Compared with the “old-fashioned” impression of formal watches such as day-date and date-date watches, the Submariner (Submariner), which focuses on sports style, is more prevalent among young users. Many players first come into contact with and know Rolex from Submariner. With its excellent performance and design, the Rolex Submariner has endured for over half a century since its birth and has become the benchmark for modern diving watches. Among them, the public price of the precious metal models Gold Blue Water Ghost (Ref. 126613lb) and Gold Black Water Ghost (Ref. 126613ln) has been adjusted from RMB 122,000 in early 2023 to RMB 131,600, an increase of RMB 9,600.

As one of the earliest diving watches in the world, the Submariner is a classic among classics. The first-generation Submariner, born in 1953, already adopted a screw-in crown and bottom cover design and was the first to achieve 100-meter (330-foot) waterproof performance. As luxury watches’ luxury attributes became increasingly apparent, Rolex launched the Submariner Ref. 16803 in the 1980s. After nearly 40 years of development, the current Submariner equipped with Cal. 3235 movement was launched in 2020, with the watch diameter slightly increased from the previous generation’s 40mm to 41mm. Tag Heuer replica watches.

Judging from the market situation, everyone knows that the green water Ghost has a high premium (especially the discontinued Ref. 116610LV green surface), but the series of inter-gold versions, inter-gold blue water Ghost, and inter-gold black water Ghost, are second-level. The market transaction price is similar to the public price. Therefore, from the perspective of “cost-effectiveness” alone, Jianjin Water Ghost is more eye-catching.

Finally, let’s look at the price of another popular model, the GMT-Master II. Also, in the 1980s, Rolex launched the gold steel model Ref. 16713 of this series. This model was not discontinued until 2005 and can be called a classic. From 2006 to 2019, the “second generation” intergold GMT Ref. 116713LN is impressive with its unique “little green needle.” After an absence of four years, the “third generation” GMT-Master II gold and steel watch returns with many details, such as a five-bead chain, a black and gray word ring, and a more integrated gold GMT needle.

In 2023, Rolex will add two new precious metal GMT-Master II watches: the all-gold model (Ref. 126718grn) and the intergold model (Ref. 126713grnr). The intermediate gold model was initially priced at RMB 128,600 and is now at RMB 139,300; the full gold model was initially priced at RMB 303,900 and is now at RMB 325,100. The price increases of the two products were RMB 10,700 and RMB 21,200, respectively.

This work has changed the single-color word circle of the “little green needle” and adopted a gray and black double ceramic word circle. So far, the GMT-Master II series has been presented with a double-color circle. Different from high-contrast colors such as “red and blue circles” and “blue and black circles,” the two colors of gray and black circles are not so easy to distinguish, and you need to look closely to distinguish the difference. In addition, the words “GMT-Master II” and the GMT hands on the new product’s dial are both made of gold, making the color of the entire watch more integrated. Similar to Jianjin Water Ghost, the difference between the public and secondary market prices further narrowed after the increase.

Generally speaking, it is common practice for famous watches to increase their public prices yearly, but compared to the past, the increase in precious metal watches this year has been evident.

Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Gold-tone
Band Color: Two-tone
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 16713BKSO-1
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Series: Gmt Master

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