50s Calendar-free Classic Model (Guilloché Black Dial), Best Replica Watch Site

This time, I am sharing a relatively old reference.5505 EVEREST 1958 watch. The dial is a relatively rare black guilloché dial. When I look at this dial, I feel sorry it is no longer used. I guess not many people have heard of the Ref.5505 model. It is a 34mm North American model. If we say the Explorer of Ref.5504, it should be easy to imagine. The 55-prefix model is well-known for its small and exquisite Air-King. The strap of Ref.5505 is matched with a 20mm strap.

The Rolex Ref. 5505 EVEREST 1958 watch exudes the charm of antique watches from the 50s. Its black guilloché dial, now slightly brown after years of use, is a testament to its individuality. The intricate guilloché craftsmanship and the unique combination of the small font 369 scale and petal hour markers reflect the meticulous workmanship and technology that went into its creation. This dial holds significant intrinsic value. Best replica watch site.

Despite its age, the Rolex Ref. 5505 EVEREST 1958 watch is in remarkably good condition. The case, as seen in the picture, shows no signs of over-polishing or deformation. The back cover still bears the engraving of [ROLEX OYSTER CASE], a testament to its originality. The fine grooves on the case and the 55 lug head, a commemorative folding strap, add to its appeal. This watch is a must-have for those who appreciate formal watches. Rolex replica watches.

As mentioned at the beginning, the strap is equipped with a 20mm strap, and the number of the lug head is 55, a commemorative folding strap. Although it is loose, because the year of the buckle is the 4th issue of 1960, considering that it is a commemorative strap from 60 years ago, the condition is excellent. In addition, the buckle with a prominent crown design from the 1960s is already very valuable. Friends with a peripheral circle line paint dial watch must want a strap with this buckle.

The 50th-anniversary model, which is extremely rare in circulation, was initially challenging for Rolex to face the new market. Many models then were continuous attempts at watch design and technological innovation. The Ref.5505 shared above is such a watch. The 34mm case produced for North America is matched with a black and shiny guilloché dial that was painstakingly made, making it gorgeous as a formal dial and capable as a sports watch. I like its petal hour markers and the delicate grooves on the bezel. This time, I saw another dial design for Rolex.

Series: Submariner
Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 15mm
Dial Color: Black Dial
Brand: Rolex
Model: 114060-97200
Case Size: 40mm

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