Airmaster May No Longer Be The “Three Treasures For Beginners”! Rolex Copy Watches

In the past, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Tanyi, and Airmaster had similar appearance, design, performance, and price, so they were called “three treasures for the entry” by watch friends. However, the situation has changed recently. First, the Oyster Perpetual expanded the watch diameter to 41 mm and added an eye-catching color dial, forming its own characteristics; then, the 2021 Tanyi adjusted the watch diameter to the same as the classic historical model of 36mm. Although some players have disputes about the diameter of the watch, Tanyi has formed enough differences. The new Airmaster Ref.126900 unveiled this year goes a step further. While enhancing the luminous effect of the dial, it also upgrades the case unprecedentedly. Get started with the “Three Treasures” category to achieve a counterattack.

The crown guard bridge is the most significant upgrade that distinguishes the new Airbus from the old model, and this is also regarded as a sign of its “counterattack.” In the past, Rolex only adopted the bridge protection design in the sporty series, such as the Submariner (Water Ghost) and Daytona, which can prevent the crown from being adversely affected by external shocks during movement. Classic watches like the Datejust and the Voyager (Skywalker) often do not have crown guards. The new Airmaster has also become Rolex’s first watch with an “aperture” and a bridge guard.

Bright luminous light is also a rigid demand for Rolex professional watches. The old Airmaster Ref.116900 only added a luminous coating to the pointer and the inverted triangle time scale at noon on the dial. In a low-light environment, it isn’t easy to read the time quickly and accurately only with the pointer and the inverted triangle time scale. For this reason, another significant improvement of the new Airmaster is to expand the luminous coverage area, adding brilliant effects to the 3, 6, and 9-time scales, which not only forms a visual balance with the inverted triangle time scale at noon but also improves the readability. Accuracy taken. Rolex copy watches.

In the old Airmaster Ref.116900, to achieve the anti-magnetic effect, the same Cal.3131 movement as the “green glass” was used, and an anti-magnetic soft iron was added under the bottom cover, increasing the case’s thickness. Since Rolex’s 32-series movement already has specific anti-magnetic capabilities, the new Airmaster is not equipped with a particular version of the action but a regular version of Cal.3230, which reduces the thickness of the case and improves the wearing experience to a certain extent. Replica Rolex watches.

The new Airmaster has added an oyster safety buckle, which can prevent the pin from being accidentally opened during exercise. In the past, Rolex only used this setting in professional watches such as Daytona. The New Airmaster is a rare watch with an oyster safety buckle in the same price range, so it can also be regarded as a sign of “counterattack.”

Through the above upgrades, Rolex aims to improve the practicality and professionalism of the Airmaster and make the product positioning clearer. This series, formerly known as Rolex’s “Three Treasures for Entry,” is expected to counterattack in reality.

Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Size: 40mm
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Air-king
Model: m116900-0001
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813

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