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Sometimes, people ask which watch to buy will best preserve its value. What kind of watch is the best investment? Let me clarify here that I’m afraid I have to disagree with the appreciation of watch investment. As for value preservation, many people also need a better understanding. Value preservation minimizes losses, which means that when a second-hand watch is sold, the residual value is high, and the price in a specialty store is still firm. Such a watch is relative. It is relatively value-preserving. Replica watches china wholesale.

Therefore, most people need clarification about value preservation. Value preservation means minimizing losses. The so-called losses are the price of buying and selling and the price of new products in specialty stores. Under normal circumstances, the prices in specialty stores are relatively high, so the main thing is to look at the cost of second-hand watches to see whether the watch has the effect of preserving its value.

Most watches do not maintain their value well. Many brand watches have a saying that they will get a 50% discount. This means that you may buy a watch and sell it as a second-hand watch even if you don’t wear it. It can only reach 50% off the original price. A watch like this cannot be considered a value store at all.

The best is always limited. This is the truth among truths. If the best can be copied infinitely, it will become a blurred word. The limited edition is an alluring word that represents contempt for copying and mediocrity. It means that even if you have money, you cannot buy it at any time. It demonstrates a particular privilege to the owner. Privilege must be inseparable from identity and status. The limited edition subtly teases people’s subconscious and sensitive desire for exclusivity. Don’t worry about the high price of watches. If you can choose a watch that will maintain its value and last forever, you can make a lot of profits besides playing with watches.

If you want to preserve the value of a watch, first look at the brand, the material, and then the specific style. The brand is the most critical factor in preserving the watch’s value. Apart from the brand, no matter how good the material and style are, it will not achieve the so-called value preservation effect. The brand determines 90% of the value of a watch. In previous watch auctions, some high-end brands are on the list, so the brand factor is significant.

In addition to the brand, there is also the material. Regarding materials, the value preservation effect of precious metals is more significant than steel watches. Steel watches’ value preservation effect is more important than that of jewelry watches. Because the price of jewelry watches is already relatively high, there are better targets than the above from the perspective of value preservation. As for some other new materials and niche materials, they have yet to pass the test of time.

Finally, it is the turn of the watch’s specific style. Watches of the same brand and material also have different value-preserving effects, so you need to do more homework, listen, and watch more to make a correct judgment.

Rolex Datejust Series 116233 Champagne Disk Diamond Watch

The two brands with the most robust prices currently are Rolex and Patek Philippe. This can be seen from previous watch auctions. From the price point of specialty stores, when other brands are collectively diving, Rolex rises instead of falling. The most valuable thing is the second-hand market. Rolex prices have remained stable for many years. If a watch is well maintained, there is no significant difference in cost between the time you buy it and the time you sell it, which means that you wear it for nothing while you have it. This is the most rare thing.

Patek Philippe Complication Chronograph Series 5131J Gold Watch

As a recognized top brand, Patek Philippe has always been a collection and investment object for high-end players. Its ability to maintain value cannot be underestimated. If you choose a good watch, there is much room for appreciation, but it requires a unique vision. Patek Philippe’s Ref 5131 can be said to be one of the series coveted by PP collectors. The reason is that the dial of this World Time Zone watch has an enamel surface. Since PP is stringent in enamel technology, making such an enamel surface possible was possible. There are very few watch masters. Patek Philippe replica.

Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Day-Date
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Model: m228238-0042
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813

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