Cheap Fake Rolex Daytona Watches With Zenith Movement

The old steel Daytona cheap fake Rolex Ref.116520 has undergone many details changes in its 16 years of production. The movement of the previous Daytona Ref.16520 is Cal.4030 (Zenith movement ). Ref.16520 was produced from 1988 to 2000. Like Ref.116520, it has undergone many details changes. Today we will focus on its details.


Ref.16520 is the first self-winding watch of the Daytona series. The movement is improved based on the Zenith movement. The power reserve has reached about 50 hours; the case size has changed from the old 37mm to 40mm. The material of the bezel was changed from plastic to stainless steel, the small hole connecting the lugs to the bracelet became half-through, and a shoulder guard was added next to the crown; the material of the cheap fake Rolex watch mirror was changed from the previous plastic to sapphire, achieving 100m waterproof. Ref. 16520 has completed a comprehensive update of Daytona and has become a more durable cheap fake Rolex sports model. From the beginning of production to the end of the show, although Ref.16520 has undergone many details changes in terms of popularity and market conditions, it is still the comparison between the initial dial/bezel and the styles that are about to be discontinued (A prefix, P prefix) high.
In addition, the black dials from 1994 to 1995 (S prefix, W prefix) have sub-dials that fade into brown individuals, called Partridge dials (also known as brown eyes). It is said that the paint has changed over time. Deterioration and fading over time is a technical error in the manufacturing process, named by Oswald Patrizzi of Anticorum, an auction house specializing in swiss replica watches watches, and is currently rising in value. Due to its high rarity, it has a better deal than Ref.16520 of other years. The specific changes of Ref.16520 are shared below.
1988: Initially (R prefix), the white plate was enamel tone (Enamel Dial), then changed to a standard white plate.
From 1988 to 1990: The characters at midnight on the dial are from top to bottom as [ROLEX], [OYSTER PERPETUAL], [SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER], [OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED], and [COSMOGRAPH]. There is a blank line directly between the two lines (that is, what some people call a dropped character), but then the [OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED] on the penultimate line disappears and becomes four lines of equal text. Later, the text [OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED] was added again, finally forming five lines of text arranged equally.
1988~1989: The scale of the tachometer circle was changed from the original 50~200 to 60~400, and the scale position of the [UNITS PER HOUR] text was changed from 3 o’clock to 1 o’clock. Features are more common in R and L prefixes.
1989: The scale between 200 and 300 on the speedometer circle changed from the initial 225 and 250 to the single 240.
1995: The 6 o’clock scale of the 12-hour totalizer is marked with its sub-dial center axis as the reference (collectively referred to as [inverted 6], which looks like a number 9), and then considering the overall up-down ratio, it finally becomes [Positive 6])
From 1995 to 1998: The buckle changed from a single hook to a double pin, and the central part of the watch chain became mirror polished.
1999: The luminous paint changed from Tritium (Tritium) luminous to Luminova luminous, and the specific reflection on the dial is that the mark at 6 o’clock changed from [SWISS-T<25] to [SWISS MADE]. In addition, the head grain was also changed from a different type to an integrated type in 1999.
2000: The crown shape on the face of the clasp becomes smaller.
The above is the change points of Ref.16520. You can judge whether the watch is dated according to these characteristics. In addition, with the continuous deepening of research on it in the watch industry, according to the features of the white dial and bezel fonts, the dial of Ref. 16520 is subdivided into seven types, and the bezel is subdivided into six classes. Due to copyright issues, I will have the opportunity to introduce the specific classification of its dial and bezel to watch friends in the future. Due to the particularity of Ref.16520 in terms of movement and detail changes, coupled with the decrease in the number of beautiful antiques on the market, many watch friends have gradually turned their attention to it. Affected by this, its demand has risen steadily in the past two years, almost entirely unaffected by the sharp rise and fall of cash cheap fake Rolex sports models. If the market is similar, which one do you prefer among Ref.116500LN, 116520, and Ref.16520?


Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (OysterLock)
Dial_type:White Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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