Daring To Take Risks Leads To Innovation, Best Rolex Replicas

Dust protection, not rust protection, is the watchmaker’s primary concern. The desire to keep dust out of the mechanism led to the birth of waterproof watches. Today, waterproofing is no longer a complex problem.

Rolex Oyster watch, 1926

Only by finding practical solutions to block the weak links of the watch can divers dream of taking one with them for diving. But this won’t happen overnight. In fact, for previous models, dust is the number one enemy of the mechanical mechanism. Of course, excessive moisture or accidental water immersion is the kiss of death for mechanical movement, and continuous dust contamination will always hinder the regular operation of the watch.

One of the first “waterproof watch” patents filed in Switzerland came from Achille Cella of Messine on June 2, 1893. Two rubber rings surround the center of the pocket watch, and a small rubber tube covers the winding stem to prevent dust and moisture. This is not a trivial matter, and more patents have followed, each of which helps us move closer to the goal of “complete waterproofing.”

Mido Aquadura cork-sealed crown system

In the early 1920s, British watchmaker John Harwood (1893-1964) was engaged in research and development on the Isle of Man, trying to improve the water-resistance of watches in a new way: abandoning the manual winding crown/stem. In 1923, John Harwood applied for a patent for the world’s first self-winding watch (the self-winding movement is placed inside the watch case without openings). Bill Schild S.A. (ASSA) made the first blank based on this patent, and then three companies, Fortis, Selza, and Blancpain, produced and promoted it in series. Swiss replica watches.

Harwood watched Blancpain’s movement.

Rolex Oyster takes a significant step forward.

In 1926, with the birth of the Oyster watch, Rolex took an essential step in the history of waterproof watches. The name “Oyster” is fitting for this innovative timepiece. A year later, Mercedes Gillis successfully crossed the English Channel wearing an Oyster watch. Following in the footsteps of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, many watch and case manufacturers have launched their own waterproof sports watches. Various new technologies and new materials are used to prevent the intrusion of air, dust, and water (especially from the winding stem and buttons). Mido’sMido’s original Aquadura cork sealing crown system has proven very effective. Even with today’s helium escape valves or other technological inventions, the basic principles are the same. Best Rolex replicas.

The waterproof depth of modern diving watches must reach at least 100 meters. Its notable features are: even in a dark underwater environment, the dial is still easy to identify, thanks to luminous numbers, scales, and hands. Whether they are frogman commandos during war or marine life observers in peacetime, their environment is highly complex and hostile. Therefore, the watches they wear must comply with strict regulations for safety reasons.

Panerai watch, water-resistant to 1000 meters, 1980

Explore technology in depth.

In an instant, the watch’s waterproof performance limit was exceeded to an astonishing level. Nowadays, diving 1,000 meters into the deep blue ocean is OK for a diving watch, and even approaching the 11,000-meter journey of Professor Jacques Piccard’s Trieste in 1960 is not a luxury. Divers can’t go to such a deep seabed and conduct personal tests to prove the watchmaker’s outstanding technical strength. Still, correspondingly, its advanced measuring equipment has been developed and verified.

IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 watch

This is also the essence of fine watchmaking: continuous research, development, and technological innovation for every component used in the watch. 1980, Panerai stole the show by designing a watch that could withstand the pressure of 1,000 meters under the sea. In the spring of 2004, Schaffhausen IWC launched the Ocean Automatic 2000 series, which doubled the waterproof limit. The name “2000” does not refer to the year the series was released, but the titanium case and self-winding movement mechanism can withstand the pressure of 200 atmospheres, which even amazed deep-sea fish.

Model: m50525-0011
Engine: Rolex Calibre 9015/Mingzhu Engine
Movement: Automatic
Series: Cellini
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 39mm
Band Length: 20cm
Band Color: Black

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