Gold Rolex Ref.18238 Pavé Diamond Disc, Best Replica Watches Review

I share with you this time the day-date Ref. 18238, produced in 1995. The dial is a rare gray dense diamond dial. Speaking of Ref.18238, it is well known that the champagne dial is the most popular in circulation, so everyone’s impression of Ref.18238 should be the champagne color. In recent years, you can often see the black onyx dial that has been replaced, but it is still the original dial. Even more attractive, tritium luminous original colored and unique dials are highly regarded as antique watches.

The dense diamond dial that tightly wraps the Roman hour markers has an indescribable special feeling. In the 1990s, it may have been too gorgeous and conspicuous. Still, now as the number of friends who like all-gold watches and jewelry watches continues to increase, On the contrary, it makes people feel very modern and fashionable. The diamond inlay craftsmanship that Rolex is good at looks very beautiful, and it will steal your attention whenever you look at the time. Best replica watches review.

At the same time, the dial is not a unique thing. Frames surround the small windows for the day and calendar. There is a thin gap between the dial and the case. Friends who suddenly have a flash of inspiration when seeing this gap are knowledgeable about replica watches. Friends, it will remind people of the design of special gemstone plates, such as black agate, lapis lazuli, etc.

The case also looks good. Although it is not in original condition, it only has a slight polish. Even all-gold watches from the 1990s have many cases that have been over-polished after repeated maintenance, so there is no way to polish the case. The state has too many requirements. In addition, the back cover retains the sticker from that time. It can be seen that the model number Ref.18238 is on it. From this, it may have changed hands or been polished less frequently. Overall, it looks good. The bezel, easily deformed and bumped, is sharp and angular, and the case and bezel are entirely of force.

The strap is also in good condition. Although it is a little loose, it does not sag at all. The oxidized part between the lugs and the case is also very dated, adding to its presence. Watch straps, like watch cases, have tremendous individual differences in quality.

Nowadays, watch lovers’ demand for all-gold watches is getting higher and higher, especially for formal watches with a wide range of types. The rarer and unique dials are, the more popular they are. Another reason is that the prices of some steel watches or gold watches are not high. Gold loss table. Compared with Ref.1803 or Ref.18038, the dials of Ref.18238 have become much more prosperous in the context of the times, but most of them are still standard champagne plates and have replaced unique dials. It is not easy to encounter the original unique dials. Things. In addition, the difference in appearance between all-gold watches is also evident at a glance, especially when there are too many watches with loose bracelets. It is challenging to encounter rare dials. If the appearance is not good, the atmosphere will be great. Discount.

Band Length: 18cm
Series: Day-Date
Model: m128348rbr-0008
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Gold-tone
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Width: 20mm

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