Interpretation Of The New Rolex Daytona Replica Watches Review

At the 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Geneva Haute Horlogerie Fair that just ended this year, the two new watch series with the most significant attention must be Rolex Daytona and IWC IWC engineers. This year, Rolex coincides with the 60th anniversary of the birth of Daytona, so the series of wristwatches have been updated across the board, and it is unexpectedly given to the platinum case Daytona, which is the favorite of watch friends, Ice Landi, with a transparent design.

Although it is not the first time Rolex to make a transparent bottom for its watch, it has tried it on the Cellini Prince, but this time it is made for the platinum ice Landi, which is indeed a sports model, which is what Rolex officially calls it. On the professional model, it is the first time to see through the bottom.

The old Cellini prince-type transparent effect

Should Rolex be transparent?

First of all, let’s talk about the most important thing first. There are many controversies in the discussion of new products. When many cousins see the new ice Landi, they feel it should not be done. It is normal to have different opinions. The exchange of different views is also a great pleasure for watching friends play watches. So can Rolex see through? My point of view is that there is no problem with Rolex’s transparent design. Many watch friends have also appealed for years, wanting to see Rolex’s design with a subtle back design from the perspective of watch brands of the same level, Omega, IWC, Cartier, Panerai, Breitling, Zenith, etc. Generally, a large number of styles are made through the bottom. If they can see through, Rolex must also be able to see through.

After the release of the Rolex Platinum Daytona, some watch friends felt that the bottom was clear. The Rolex 4131 automatic movement was also apparent at a glance, but its movement decoration still needed to be more exquisite. Objectively speaking, if you use Patek Philippe’s movement decoration standards to measure and judge Rolex, there must be a gap between Rolex’s movements and Patek Philippe. But if the Rolex movement is placed among the watch brands of the same level just listed, then the Rolex movement is not faulty at all, even very “conscience.” Where is the conscience? Rolex has not pulled a little polish in what is visible and invisible.

From the back of Platinum Ice Landi, we observe the new generation 4131 automatic chronograph movement, which uses a large-sized all-gold hollow automatic oscillating weight. The upper splint of the action is decorated with Geneva stripes, exposed ruby bearings, and a small gold ring is plated on the hole details; the effect is very similar to a gold sleeve, which enhances the beauty. The exposed screw heads are all polished. The lower bridges, including the balance cock, are heavily brushed. The bottom plywood of the movement is decorated with fish scale patterns. The edge of the splint is chamfered.

Rolex through the bottom, 4131 movement details

The most important thing about the polishing level of the Rolex movement is that it does not give up on the places you can’t see and is covered by layers to do the finishing treatment, especially the bottom main splint, which is almost invisible. Rolex will also be covered with fish scales.

As for Rolex replica watches review of the same level, players can also understand that many brands have been shrinking in movement polishing. From “only cover but no grinding” to now ultimately shrinking into a “rough state,” I can’t wait for the machine tool to come down; what kind of moving parts are you, and the average grinding level can’t reach it? Many watch fan groups, seeing you can. It’s another thing to be disappointed if you save and save.

Therefore, the 4131 movement of Rolex Ice Landi, with its polished decoration and transparent back, is indeed the average level of its positioning.

I think Bing Landi “should be better.”

This time, everyone had objections because Rolex put the first sports model through the bottom and put it directly on the platinum Daytona. What is the platinum Ice Landi? It is the dream watch of many watch friends. In one of Rolex’s graduation models, the market price far exceeds the public cost. If you don’t mention the market price and only look at the general price of 600,000, then we look at the clock at the same level as it, the Patek Philippe 5172G manual timekeeping. Equipped with the top manual chronograph movement CH29, the Rolex Platinum Dayton has a transparent bottom and a modified sign, a gap.

Watch friends generally have high expectations for the new ice Landi. If Rolex launches the back-through design on all lines, including Gangdi, then I think the voices of watch friends will be much less questioned, just like the new 1908 series formal dress Rolex replica watches; because of their price positioning, I don’t see many watch friends asking its level of polishing and decoration.

What are the upgrades and changes for the new generation of Daytona?

After talking about the transparent design, let’s look at Xindi’s upgrades and changes. First of all, on the movement, the new 4131 automatic chronograph movement is based on the 4130 trends. The Rolex Chronergy escapement system used in the 32 series movement has been replaced. The number of mechanical gyro ball bearings has been increased from 7 plus. When it reaches 29, the small balls are still very obvious. As for the performance of the movement, the dynamic storage has not changed. It is still full for 72 hours. It has a column wheel and a vertical timing clutch wheel device. It is certified by the Super Observatory for precision timepieces. The average error is within plus or minus two seconds per day.

The 4131 movements are polished compared to the 4310 movements, and the new movement is more refined. The upper plywood is no longer radial brushed but decorated with Geneva stripes. , It is only used on the platinum ice blue di, which sees through the bottom, while the steel di is still a steel tuo.

Regarding the appearance design of the watch, the eye size has not changed, it is still 40 mm, but the thickness has been reduced by 0.5 mm. Daytona is very good at controlling the thickness; the new work can be thinner and thinner. The case details, the Xindi crown shoulder pads, are also one size larger.

Xindi, in terms of the overall appearance design, the more noticeable change is that the ceramic bezel is no longer a one-piece but is covered by a metal base with a wrapping edge. The bezel is more like a ceramic insert embedded in the metal watch. On the bezel, this is to make the original pure ceramic bezel less likely to be broken due to bumps on the edges. Still, I wouldn’t say I like this change very much, and I feel it is not as complete as the original pure ceramic bezel.

We can make a simple comparison with the old Icelandic diamond engraving.

The change in the dial will also make people feel that the new watch is more refined. Rolex has fine-tuned the details of the clock’s outer ring, hour markers, and the small crown at 6 o’clock.

In the new Daytona, the replacement cycle is shortened.

When we talked about the 60th anniversary of the Rolex Daytona, we, like many cousins, thought that Rolex might keep the Daytona the same. Judging from the available replacement cycle in the history of Daytona before, it is indeed shortened by half.

It is estimated that the new generation of Daytona will meet with all the cousins in China soon. Let us wait and see how the final market acceptance will be.

  • Gender: Men’s
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Band Length: 19cm
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
  • Case Thickness: 16mm
  • Model: 116506IBLDO
  • Series: Daytona

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