Markⅰ’s Red Water Ghost Ref.1680 (Rivet Belt), Replicas Watch China

The first-generation Submariner, Ref. 1680, was produced from 1969 to 1979. Before 1975, the model LOGO was red [Red Letter Water Ghost], and [Red Letter Water Ghost] was divided into six categories (Mark I ~Mark VI); Mark I~Mark III belong to its early style. The most noticeable feature is that the waterproof mark is [meter first]. The one I shared is the original Mark I produced in 1969. The small quantity only accounts for about 2% of the “Red Submariner.” It can be included in Rolex’s collection if it is in good condition.

The overall condition of the watch shared in the picture is excellent. The color of the luminous dial changes over the years to cream, but in the later period, it is generally white. The dial has minor corrosion or aging, and the hands are the same as the dial. This kind of condition is relatively rare among antique watches. The bezel is the Mark III at that time, the metal outer ring is also sharply angled, the case has become a little thin after several polishings, and the bracelet is the original rare rivet type. In today’s antique watches, it is widespread to replace later parts, but it is rare and hard to come across one of the same age. Replicas watch china.

The bracelet is a 7206/80 Swiss rivet, and the overall condition is excellent. The antique watch must be paired with a rivet strap to be perfect.

Let’s discuss its accessories: box, Rolex warranty, warranty booklet, observatory certification, observatory certification label, paper label, and Submariner leaflet. The year of the Water Ghost leaflet is also the same as that of the watch, and they are generally preserved, which is very complete. There is also a model label on the box. The outer box is damaged, but the inner box is in excellent condition, and after more than 50 years, it is also precious for collection. It can be said that it is scarce for an antique watch to have such a complete set of accessories, but if you want a red water ghost, the difficulty should be reduced a lot. Replica Rolex watches.

Among Rolex antique watches, especially the Submariner series, which is well-known and famous worldwide, the number will only become smaller and smaller as the years go by. You can occasionally see it in the second-hand market, but generally, it is from a later year or has had parts replaced, etc. Although the case of the watch introduced in the picture has been polished several times, finding a perfect antique watch is challenging, so it can also be accepted as a collectible.

Series: Submariner
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Case Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Model: 116610LN

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