MarkⅡ’s Uncertain Black Water Ghost Ref.5513, Replica Rolex Watches

The Submariner Ref.5513 was produced for about 27 years. During this period, the dials were lacquered from 1963 to 1967, matte from 1967 to 1983, and from 1984 to 1990 with a dial almost as glossy as the current model. The matte dial was in the early stages. (1967-1970) was [meter first]. What I share below is the late Ref.5513 matte dial from 1978. It is a Mark II dial in good condition. The English letters of Rolex seem to have been compressed vertically, the crown pattern is slender, and the font is a non-serif font. It probably existed from 1978 to 1981. The types of Ref.5513 have been introduced before. The MarkⅡ dial of Ref.5513 looks bright in color. There are relatively few dials and a small number in circulation on the market. As a hidden rare dial, it is highly regarded among watch lovers. Ref.5513 has been positioned as a practical watch since the beginning, so many current watches have been used by many people. After many maintenance and renovations, many watch cases often become thinner, but the most valuable thing is the picture below. This Ref.5513 maintains a case that has been polished almost only once. The case in the picture looks in good condition. You can also refer to this condition when looking for antique watches in good condition. Replica rolex watches.

The tritium luminous light on the dial fades into a gorgeous cream color. Although there are some small black dots in the bright light, if you are a fan of Ref. 5513, you will not particularly care about these tiny black dots. The dial, other than the lume, is also in excellent condition. Although you can still see minor scratches if you look carefully with a magnifying glass, you generally will only notice it if you expressly point it out.

The bezel is a MarkⅢ bezel, which is slightly faded to form a beautiful bezel. The MarkⅡ dial will be matched with a MarkⅢ or MarkⅣ bezel, depending on the year. In addition, the gear groove on the bezel shows that it has hardly been polished at first glance, and you can feel the sharp edge of the gear when you touch it with your fingertips.

The case looks almost unpolished, which matches the bezel in good condition. As mentioned earlier, many Ref.5513s are over-polished, so it is rare to encounter one with a full shape like the one in the picture. Even if there is a little dent, it is harmless. It is not recommended to polish an antique replica watch after buying it. Even now, Most modern watches will keep traces of their use.

The strap is a 20mm 93150 hard strap with the number 580. It has not become loose and is in good condition. The VD mark on the buckle is also of the same year. It is, of course, matched with a double buckle buckle. Even rigid watch straps are often replaced. Ref.5513 has a wide variety of dials, and it is also an excellent choice for finding the deal you like. The Mark II dial introduced above is considered rare.

Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Model: 5513
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
Dial Color: Black Dial
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner

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