Open The Ultimate Replica Rolex Password – The Mystery Of The Disk

Rarity is the most significant attribute of luxury goods and contributes to their high value. This rarity is material appearance and, more importantly, conceptual and spiritual exclusivity. The unique dial of Rolex perfectly interprets this point. The endpoint is to play a board, and understanding this will explain how to view the value of the board later.

Compared with the predecessors who played watches more than ten years ago, the current watch friends are pleased. At that time, playing with eyes was a minimal number of neuropathy, and costly eyes were even rarer. Even if you have money, you have to use it. Go abroad to search everywhere, not to mention the need for more information and communication difficulties. Few people have seen Rolex with these special disks except for regular replica rolex.

With the development of Internet information, it is no secret that Rolex’s particular disk is no longer a secret. Many senior watch friends can also give a general idea, and there are even some professional books so that you can quickly master the cheats of Rolex’s burning money.

The first thing that appeared on the stage was a simple 16234 steel DJ. Looking closely at this seemingly ordinary blue disc surface, you will find that many black and light-colored substances are sinking into the disc. Sodalite disc surface sodalite is a relatively common gemstone with a rather hard texture, which can be regarded as an entry-level gemstone disc. And his brother, with the same name, lapis lazuli, has skyrocketed in price. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone formed by the combined action of cerulean, sodalite, pyrite, and blue asterite, and our choice is the top grade among them, with gold and deep blue. Gems.

So this piece of 118238 lapis lazuli with 69 diamond facets looks more psychedelic and luxurious than the previous sodalite. At the same time, a small identification point is inserted here. The calendar window frame and the frame will have precious metal edging. This is because the stone is thicker, and the metal edging is more beautiful and can distinguish the positioning of the two. At the same time, Rolex will protect these special disks with metal bases, which is very important for the protection of gemstones because gemstones are complex but fragile; compared with Earl’s gemstone watches in the same period, there is no metal base, and the risk is real when removing the needle for maintenance. It is vast, so it is necessary to understand the difficulty of care when choosing a gemstone plate.

This 18238 black agate plate is known as a wordless book. Its rare and straightforward design is believed to be poisoned too many cousins. It is difficult for everyone to distinguish between good and evil. Fortunately, there is now an appraisal agency. , spending a few hundred can save you the trouble of finding information.

This 18238 wood surface is also a popular entry-level unique surface. Compared with the gemstone surface, the wood grain surface’s unique brown color and texture are also trendy. It is worth noting the integrity and perfection of these gemstone surfaces. You must know the quality of these disks. The value may exceed the price of the entire watch except for the disc, and even some rarer discs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per disc. Any flaws will seriously damage the value of the watch.

Finally, there is a recent 118238 meteorite dial, which is a very modern style. The meteorite dial is also a rare disk that Rolex has vigorously promoted recently.

Today I will introduce these five exceptional gemstone dial luxury replica watches. The price varies from high to low. This level is one price per watch. It isn’t easy to judge whether it is worth it.

It is worth noting that all these gemstone discs have a common characteristic that they are unique and cannot be copied because the texture of each stone (wood, meteorite) changes. If you think that Rolex can’t afford it, many brands make gemstone plates, such as Jaquet Droz and Piaget, and even finding someone to customize one is the choice of many watch fans.

Borrow Dr. Qie’s article to conclude: Rolex is innovative, sophisticated, and exquisite. This worldwide financial crisis has tested the market power of Rolex. In my collection, Rolex is increasing while other brands are decreasing. This tendency reflects the bottom strength of Rolex, and those who have played Rolex for a long time know what and where the long-term charm is, but if you want to be specific, it is difficult to explain it in one or two sentences.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Case Thickness: 12mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: 118346
Series: Day-Date
Band Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s

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