Review Cheap Rolex Replica”Panda” Daytona Watch


Green Water ghost: Due to supply reasons, we all know people can buy a trendy Rolex watch on the market probability is very low; bought friends know that you do not have to purchase money; the process is too disturbing. But do you know in addition to the green water ghost cheap Rolex replica, there is a watch the same that is very difficult to buy, and a little bit of hot degree is no less than the green water ghost, yes estimate you have thought of it is Rolex Dittona 116500LN white plate.

This watch is Rolex launched in 2016, to today’s hot degree only increased; this is the first time a cheap Rolex replica ceramic watch has a circle in a steel DI body; the past ceramic process was in those precious metal DI above because the price is high; many of us watch fans are shut out, and the steel DI official price of this ceramic circle is only 95,000, This triggered the table fan Zhang fanatical pursuit.

Besides the price, it also happens to be in the classic Rolex “panda plate” color scheme, which makes it hard to avoid a hit. Although the official price of 95,000, the practice market has been fried to about 130,000, and the premium is very severe. And since the beginning of last year, the whole Ditona series of the market has increased; the main culprit is the “panda Di” drive.

The choice of the classic panda color is our Daytona, commonly known as “panda plate” the black outer ring adhering to the 1965 version of the black plexiglass external ring planning, but cheap Rolex replica International model Ditona replaced with a ceramic bezel is also a natural thing.

Three small dials are distributed on the dial, two-timing dials, and one small second dial. The upper and lower buttons are timing buttons used to control the timing hands.

The crown selection screw-in the purpose is to enhance the waterproof function of the replica watch. The crown has two shoulder guards to maintain it can not receive impact damage, the height around the surface is gear planning, and the top is engraved with the cheap Rolex replica crown image.

The watch uses a 7750 movement, 7750 chronograph movement oscillator with a Rolex exclusive Parachrom blue alloy gossamer. Parachrom not only fends off magnetic fields, but it is also shock-proof. The temperature changes still adhere to the stability, with up to ten times more accurate than the general gossamer.

Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Rose Gold
Bracelet_material:Rose Gold
Dial_type:Ivory Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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