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Looking at the currently popular products, they all present a strong sports style, and among these products, diving watches are the most popular. Only the DEE SEA, also known as the “King of Ghosts” by players, seems to be a bit weak in the market, and its popularity is even inferior to that of the entry-level Oyster Perpetual.


The Submariner (Water Ghost), also a diving watch, has different degrees of premiums, whether the basic no-calendar or precious metal models.

Wearing comfort is why many people first abandon the ghost king. After all, with a massive diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 17.7 mm, plus a weight of more than 200 grams, it may not be easy to control if it is not for an athletic body. The wearing effect is hilarious for watch friends with a wrist circumference of less than 170 mm unless they can accept the “cute contrast” formed by the small wrist and the large watch diameter. Replica watches china wholesale.

However, being able to become a “king” must have its excellence. Rolex’s diving watches are classified according to their waterproof level. The most basic series of submersibles (Water Ghost) have a waterproof rating of 300 meters; the waterproof rating of the Sea-Dweller can reach 1220 meters, More than ten times. It should be noted that the deep dive is not an independent product series; it is subordinate to the Sea-Dweller, which can be understood as the full version and unique model of the Sea-Dweller. The public price of RMB 108200 is far higher than the basic models of the Submariner and the single Red Sea Envoy. It has the most elevated positioning among many Rolex diving watches.

This patented technology is only used in the ghost king.
The BioDur 108 alloy ring is located inside the case, and its tensile capacity is three times that of 904 steel.
A titanium alloy bottom cover for Absorb pressure deformation.
A 5.5 mm thickened sapphire crystal can effectively resist high water pressure impact.
At the same time, the side of the Ghost King’s case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which can quickly discharge the accumulated helium to ensure the watch’s stability.

Due to the need for waterproofing, Ghost King did not use a convex lens calendar window.

After all, it has a Rolex. All the popular elements should be available. Compared with the high premium of the whole series of water ghosts, the ghost king, whose actual purchase price is similar to the public expense, may also be worth considering. Bell and ross replica.

Model: m126660-0001
Band Length: 22.5cm
Series: Sea-Dweller Deepsea
Case Thickness: 18mm
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic

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