Talk About The History Of The World’s First Automatic Replica Watch Wholesale.

There are many firsts in the watchmaking industry. Every year, you can see various “world first,” from the unprecedented material combination to the complex functions of stacked layers. Both are impressive, but they are not very likely to leave exclusive marks in the history of watchmaking in a short period.

Although “first” abound, influential inventions are not every day. At least in terms of the understanding of modern watchmakers, there is little room for improvement. Therefore, we should review the historic initiative, such as the first automatic watch.

Most modern watches are automatic and do not need to be manual. When wearing, the automatic swing will operate with the swing of the arm, and through the wheel system, it will drive the stabbing of the string of the clockwork box. Of course, you can also use the crown to experience the fun of the series. The automatic string system is practical and elegant, and the fans have long been accustomed to it, and even some people are fascinated by the retro sense of manual string. So, where is the automatic replica watch wholesale come from?

1777 Aberham -Louis Betle’s automatic string mechanism
The first automatic upper string device is back to the movement made by ABRAHAM-LOUIS PERRELET in 1777. The action is preceded. As long as the table is in motion, the hammer-shaped heavy object in the device transmits to the clockwork, and theoretically, it can operate indefinitely.

The problem is that this movement is designed for pocket swiss fake watches, and the pocket watch stays in the pocket most of the time, so it only sometimes gets enough energy to maintain operation. In addition, the manufacturing cost of the movement is very high, and it has never really been popularized the popularity.

In fact, by the 1800s, most pocket watches did not use the automatic movement of Aberham -Louis Betley.

Harwood automatic watch in 1929
We know the automatic movement created by John Harwood in 1922. When he was looking for a way to provide power for the watch, he noticed the children who played with the seesaw, so they gave birth to genius creativity and used this concept for the upper string mechanism.

These upper strings have become indispensable or lack components of modern watchmaking. In John Halwood’s words, the mechanism uses “a rotating hammer 270 ° sliding back and forth, and hitting the buffer spring on both sides.” Before going to Switzerland, the British watchmaker also used the conceptual pocket watch to verify, and then John Halwood obtained the patent for the automatic watch in 1924.

Rolex Oyster Hosting Motion
Two years later, Fortis produced many movements by John Halwood to assemble Harwood’s Automatic watch. In 1928, John Halwood established his own company’s product design. Interestingly, he also designed the first watch shake to prove that his watch could operate normally. Next, Rolex debuted.

In 1931, Rolex launched a more efficient 360 ° upper device in the constant oyster watch. This is the final form of automatic movement. Although there are still modifications and adjustments, they are not wrong. To a large extent, Rolex has won the honor of creating the first automatic movement, but this statement has caused controversy in the industry. Compared with John Halwood’s design, Rolex’s movement performance is better. However, in 1956, Rolex apologized and attributed all credit to John Halwood.

Rolex Oyster Hengdian Automatic Watch
Since then, the automatic movement has continued to evolve, and the Belleton automated clinging system, such as IWC IWC, has appeared. Still, it is generally similar to John Halwood’s original design and equipped with Rolex 360 ° swing. Abraham -Louis Bertele’s automatic pocket watches movement still has historical significance and lays the foundation for later development. But to say who created the first accurate automatic watch movement is usually attributed to John Halwood.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Cellini
Model: 5310
Gender: Ladies
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 25 MM
Case_material: Rose Gold set with Diamonds
Bracelet_material: Crocodile – Brown
Dial_type: white dial
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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