Talk About The Rolex Group At The Watch Fair! Cheap Rolex Watches Replica

The “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition has become particularly interesting with the participation of the Rolex Group. Judging from the announced annual sales of Swiss watches in 2020, the Rolex brand continues to occupy the No. 1 dominance and nearly doubles the gap with the second-ranked Omega. The market share of the Rolex Group surpassed that of the Swatch Group and became the number one watch group in Switzerland.

Today I will talk about the Rolex Group at the watch fair.

“Disappointed” Explorer

In 2021, the most considerable speculation about Rolex is the Explorer series. According to the practice of the watch industry, some changes should be made to create a 50th-anniversary classic. And when the new product was released, the voice of “disappointment” came to my face. The main reasons are as follows.

First, the legendary “Tan San” did not come. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the Explorer did not release a new generation of products; it will indeed be disappointed. This means that so far, all we can wait for is a “facelift.”

Second, “Exploring Two” is just changing the movement. This time, Explorer II’s most significant change is replacing the new 3285 campaign, and the power reserve has increased to 70 hours. In terms of appearance, there is almost the same at first glance. There will be some disappointment for friends who want to see the 50th-anniversary model.

Third, the new version of “Tanyi” is incomprehensible. Tanyi is one of the most entry-level sports watches of Rolex. Now, the new Tanyi has reduced the diameter of the original 39 mm to 36 mm and added an inter-gold version. The actual 39 mm watch diameter is very suitable for Asian wrists. Today’s 36 mm is too small, the size of many brand women’s watches. Cheap rolex watches replica.

Another green “explosion.”

Before, Rolex launched the Oyster Perpetual watch with a colorful dial. Once it was found, it took this series off. Today, the most concerned “Tiffany” blue Oyster Perpetual 41mm watch, the secondary market, has quoted a price of more than RMB 120,000. As far as the Oyster Perpetual itself is concerned, such a quotation is inflated. Helplessly, watches with this dial are very scarce in the entire market. This has also caused the Oyster Perpetual with a colored disk to become another explosive model with a high premium in addition to the Rolex sports model.

Rolex has launched a 36mm long palm leaf disc with a public price of RMB 55,000. Compared with the Oyster Perpetual, it has one more calendar window function, and the green palm leaves on the dial are eye-catching. The 3235 movement equipped with it is the same as the water ghost. It has a 70-hour power reserve and an error of plus or minus two seconds. There is nothing to be picky about.

Green is the brand color of Rolex. This time, only one of the new diaries is equipped with a green dial, which has never been seen before and can potentially be a hit. Why don’t I say that this watch must be a hit, but the potential of the impact? The main reason is that the size of 36 mm still needs to be more comfortable. With a wrist of 17 cm like mine, it still feels too small to wear. It would be even better if there were a 41mm one.

Cost-effective “Panda”

Compared with Rolex, Tudor brings us more surprises. The Biwan Chronograph Panda Disk is on the market, model: M79360N-0002, with a public price of RMB 39,000. In addition to the white plate steel belt, there is a black plate steel belt, model: M79360N-0001 and the general cost is also RMB 39,000.

For a long time, Rolex “Panda Di” has been very popular among watch lovers, and the premium has already doubled, which has also brought about the “Panda style” in the industry to a certain extent. As the brand with the most Rolex genes, Tudor naturally attracted much attention once the “Panda Pan” Black Bay Chronograph was launched. Compared with Panda Di, this watch has a date display at six o’clock, not the three circles of “Panda Di.”

In terms of appearance, the Tudor Panda dial looks better. The two all-black small dials look more like pandas with the calendar window at 6 o’clock. Regarding the choice of material and movement, Tudor will certainly not be the same as Rolex, and the “316L steel + aluminum ring” material is also reasonable.

It is worth mentioning that Tudor adopts the brand-made MT5813 movement, the overall quality is still good, it has the Swiss Observatory certification, and the power reserve reaches 70 hours. However, only some people will tell you this is modified with the Breitling B01 chronograph movement. Otherwise, if you look at the layout of the dial, is it the same as the Breitling Puya?

The Waywardness of Black Bay 1958

Which was the hottest Tudor last year? There is no doubt about the Black Bay 1958, which is also an award-winning model of GPHG. The diving watch with “blue plate and blue circle” + three needles is simple and neat, and the beauty of “little blue ghost” is also hard to find in the terminal market.

As a diving watch, the 18K gold version is launched and equipped with a “green disk and green circle.” This combination obviously cannot meet mainstream aesthetics. The public price of more than RMB 120,000 will become a non-mainstream choice. The Biwan 1925 type 925 uses a silver case. As we all know, silver is an easily oxidized and blackened material. 925 silver means that its purity has reached 92.5%. As for whether it will change color in the future, only time will tell.

The color scheme of “brown plate + brown circle” is rare in diving fake watches. This kind of brown is called taupe by the brand. As for whether it looks good or not depends entirely on personal aesthetics, so I will refrain from commenting here. It is worth mentioning that the three Black Bay 1958 watches launched this time all adopt a transparent back design, which is rare in the Tudor brand and can be regarded as a small breakthrough.

Band Length: 18cm
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 42mm
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Model: m216570-0001
Series: Explorer

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