The Ambition Of The Fake Rolex Cheap 1908 Series Is Far More Than That

The Rolex Hengdian 1908 series released by this exhibition has many topics. In fact, the Hengdian 1908 series shows that Rolex has changed its ambition after changing the new blood!

First, when it comes to the 1908 series, the Chelini released in the previous generation in 2015 is a retro and durable high-end format utterly different from the last old Chenili.

The previous generation of Chelini has a lock and a slightly raised back cover, restoring the so-called foam a retro feeling of the old oyster-style and arranging an automatic movement. Therefore, fake Rolex cheap is not a retro style, but it mainly gives retro and recovery to Tudor.

In the preview released by Rolex before this exhibition, many people regarded the new 1908 series as Chelini. The previous generation of Chelini and the 1908 series are very similar. The size is 39mm, and the design is very similar. So what is the significance of the birth of the 1908 series? Isn’t it good to do Chellini directly?

The main reason is that Chelini has changed multiple models, but it has been tepid. It is slowly close to the current mainstream needs, and I want to make my formal outfit. Therefore, the product line has been named after 1908, which shows the critical care of Rolex.

For the “Stupid Heavy” sports model, Rolex wants to make a high-end and durable format table through Hengmou 1908. Kuai is Rolex’s DNA. Rolex must be more durable than others. And with the current trend of retro, formal clothes, and small meters, Rolex must also consider other options.

Before that, Rolex had a rhythm free of the public and did not consider the people. But now Rolex has begun to consider the trend of the public, not only to do thinner but also arrange you back.

Besides, the heavy drama movement comes up. The last generation of Chelini was a movement based on the 31 -series movement module. Rolex actually regarded Chelini as a “subsequent industry” and a precious metal version of the oyster style.

And this time, for the 1908 retro series, Rolex has developed a new 7140 movement for it, and the paper data is terrific.

The 7140 movements are a whole movement that Rolex should give all the skill trees on the market. The Chronergy hollow and lightweight escapement system made of nickel-phosphorus alloy is equipped with a new Syloxi silicon travel silk improved by Rolex to avoid Paraflex avoided Earthquake. At the same time, with the improved pearl bearing, the power reserve is about 66 hours.

The biggest highlight is the shape of the new Syloxi silicon. The fine-tuning of Omega some time ago encountered a fellow runner.

There is also a point about polishing. After the official release of it, you should look at the natural objects. Do not hold the media used by the media for the media table. In the end, the material things will be different.

With the crystallization of Rolex’s latest technology, the 7140 movements must be very promising. The potential for developing this movement is sufficient. In the future, Rolex will have a variety of different ones on this movement. Modules will derive complex styles from creating formal or retro-style product lines for high-end and thick-sensitive types. And the size of the 7140 activities gives unlimited trances and may be equipped on a minor case in the future.

Rolex Heng’s 1908 series marks that Rolex will start making a formal watch. And in the future, Rolex may be more fitted with the trend of the current era. And the latest 7140 movements may open a new Rolex swiss replica watches chapter and bring more different Rolex!

So you like the precious metal, retro design, locking waterproof, and back page movement?

  • Movement: Automatic
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Band Color: Brown/Black
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Series: Cellini
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Model: m50535-0002

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