The Detailed Number Of Greenwich II Model Upgrades In Gold And Steel, Fake Rolex Watch

The GMT-Master II has a high degree of attention in many Rolex series, such as “Pepsi Circle,” “Blue Black Circle,” “Sprite Circle,” and other works that left a deep impression on players with their distinctive color combinations. At the same time, the Greenwich-Master II also has a gold steel (inter-gold) model, presenting a unique luxury style. However, it has been more than ten years since the release of the gold model Ref.116713ln of the previous generation, and the production of this work was also announced in 2019, which made many players who loved it feel sorry. After many years, this famous work is making a solid comeback. Fake rolex watch.

Greenwich-Master II Yellow Gold

As a product line with a long history of Rolex, Greenwich was born in the mid-1950s. With the development of the aviation industry, it has become more common for people to travel across time zones, giving rise to the demand for watches. The first generation of the series, Ref. 6542, was designed by Rolex in cooperation with Pan American Airlines and distributed to crew members on long-distance flights. The innovative significance of the Greenwich watch is that it is the first to add the 24 o’clock GMT pointer to the 12-hour dial so that the look has two time systems simultaneously, perfectly realizing their integration.

Model: 126713grnr (2023)

The series has evolved over the decades, and the models currently on sale are all “Greenwich II.” In fact, since the 1990s, Rolex has no longer launched the Greenwich I. The main difference between the II generation and the I generation lies in the movement and adjustment method: the II generation hour hand and the GMT hand operate independently, and the GMT hand can be quickly adjusted in units of 1 hour. By cooperating with the bidirectional rotating outer ring, the watch can obtain information about up to three time zones. Replica watches for sale.

Model: 16713 (1989 – 2005)

When the time came to the 1980s, the luxury attributes of watches became increasingly apparent. Rolex added a yellow gold and steel version to the Greenwich-Master II collection in 1989 for a touch of luxury. Model 16713 is the first inter-gold GMT watch of Greenwich-Master II, which uses an anodized aluminum bezel and a built-in Cal.3185 movement. The first generation of gold GMT watches has distinctive characteristics of the times, and the outer ring uses round and slender fonts, which is different from the current products. Ref.16713 debuted at the end of the 1980s and was discontinued in 2005. It can be called a generation of classics.

Model: 116713ln (2006 – 2019)

The model players are most familiar with is Ref.116713ln, released in 2006. This generation of products is equipped with a slightly modified Cal.3186 movement, but the improvement in appearance is quite apparent. It upgrades the bezel to Cerachrom ceramic material, the first Rolex watch equipped with a ceramic bezel. Another work in the series equipped with a ceramic bezel is Ref.116710LN. The words “GMT-Master II” and the GMT pointer on the disk of this work are both green, also known as the “little green needle.”

Cerachrom inserts in ceramic.

Early Cerachrom ceramic inserts were only available in a single color. It could improve the recognition of the GMT-Master II and expand the difference with monochrome word circle models such as the Submariner and Sea-Dweller. In 2013, Rolex developed a two-color ceramic word circle, first applied to the “blue and black circle” Ref.116710BLNR, released in the same year. Since then, the two-color ceramic bezel has gradually become the standard configuration of the GMT-Master II, just like the combination of dark gray and black used in the new yellow-gold steel watch. Let’s take a look at what improvements this new product has.

Upgrade 1: Two-color ceramic word circle

The GMT-Master II watches launched after 2013 all use a two-color ceramic bezel. To better set off the gold texture and avoid bright colors from “overwhelming,” this work combines dark gray and black. Since the two colors are relatively close, careful observation is required to distinguish them.

Upgrade 2: Gold GMT needle

As mentioned above, the GMT pointer of the 2006 Ref. 116713ln is a “small green needle,” its most recognizable design. However, the new model did not continue this feature and switched to using the same gold needle as the earlier works. The words “GMT MASTER II” on the dial are gold, and fewer colors simplify the dial.

Upgrade three: 3285 movement.

Like all new Rolex watches, the movement of Ref.126713grnr is upgraded to the latest generation Cal.3285 self-winding movement, which features a 70-hour power reserve, built-in self-designed Paraflex shock absorber, and Chronergy escapement system. The Cal.3285 movement has not only been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) but also passed the Rolex-led “Superlative Chronometer” certification on this basis, controlling the daily error within plus or minus 2 seconds.

Upgrade 4: commemorative strap

The commemorative strap (Jubilee bracelet) is also unique to this new product. For comparison, the previous generation Ref. 116713, used an Oyster bracelet. The two straps have their emphasis on appearance and wearing experience. We know that for styles such as “Pepsi circle” and “blue black circle,” the brand also provides two kinds of straps, while the new version of the GMT-Master II gold steel watch is currently only equipped with a commemorative strap.

After years of waiting, the new 2023 Greenwich-Master II gold steel watch has finally come to us. Compared with the previous work, it cancels the “little green needle” and uses the same gold needle as the first generation, making the overall color more simple. The gray and black ceramic word circle continues the tradition of using two-color circles in the series and does not overshadow the gold due to too bright colors. At the same time, the commemorative strap enhances the sense of luxury, and its refinement is better than that of the Oyster strap. With the support of the latest generation Cal.3285 movement, the dynamic storage and performance have been significantly improved.

Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Gold-tone
Band Color: Two-tone
Band Length: 18cm
Model: 16713BKSO-1
Case Thickness: 15mm
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Series: Gmt Master

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