Those Who Can “Compete” With Watch Replica Rolex Are Only These Two Brands.

Rolex is the most comprehensive brand in the world. With the massive scale of an annual output exceeding 1 million, the “best” balance of high-brand positioning, popularity, and technical configuration has been reached. It is ranked first in the world’s famous watch sales all year round. Rolex is excellent, there is no controversy, and he is convinced. In the world of the renowned watch replica, isn’t it possible to fight with Rolex and have eyes that challenge Rolex’s strength? Yes, in the world of the famous clock, the total power can be with Rolex; there are only two: Omega and Cartier.

Rolex Platinum Di Tong Laolin 116506

There are many high-end famous watches. Why can only Omega and Cartier fight against Rolex?

There are many famous fake Rolex watches, and not to mention “three driving carriages” Patek Philippe, Jiang Shiconon, and Piguet, which is Richard Mille, Lange, Breguet, which is no higher than Rolex; why can Omega and Cartier match Rolex? Relying on comprehensive strength.

Rolex Tongda 16518

It’s like luxury cars, Mercedes -Benz, BMW, and Audi. Although the grade is not the highest, it is the three giants with the most muscular comprehensive strength among luxury cars. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Porsche are high-end, but the industrial system’s popularity and influence differ from the BBA. It is no exaggeration to say that Rolex, Omega, and Cartier are the “BBA” in the famous table. There are differences and gaps between Rolex, Omega, and Cartier, but this is only a competition between the “three giants,” not by other famous watch brands.

Rolex has a ghost 116610

For example, the annual output of Omega and Cartier is 600,000. The yearly production of Rolex in the past two years was 810,000, which has now increased to 1.05 million. The annual output of Omega and Cartier has a gap with Rolex. Essence

Rolex five pearl chain blue and black circle 126710

The annual output of Century is the annual production of 10,000 nations, the yearly output of Jaeger -LeCoultre, the annual result of Panerai is 72,000, the annual output of Chopard is 58,000, the yearly work of Hublot is 50,000, the annual production of Blancpain 27,000, the annual result of the counts For 18,000, Glasie’s actual annual output was 15,000, the annual show was 14,000, and the yearly production of Athens was 12,000.

Rolex green glass 116400

It can be seen that the mainstream markets in the market overlapped with Rolex, Omega, and Cartier, and the output and the three giants need to be in the order of order. Rolex, Omega, and Cartier monopolized the sales of famous watches all year round. The total sales of the top three and three in the world (note that it is sales) account for 43%of the world’s watch world.

Rolex Pearl Ladies Type 86349

A large amount, not the capital of the king. The number of Tissot and Longines is more significant. Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and Niu Niu are there, and while the output far exceeds other opponents, it still maintains high-brand positioning. This is the king of the king. Reason.

Omega is the mainstay of the Swaqi Group.

The Swaqi Group, of the five major high-end brands (Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques, Glasteti original, Omega), the most powerful one; Swarki Group, from the Tissot Mido to Breguet top -level top -level The mainstay in the positioning is Omega.

Omega Golden Shell Super Fighter 145.022, 1969 version.

There are two most “balanced” watches in the world; one is Rolex, and the other is Omega. Omega has maintained high-brand positioning, popularity, technology, and balance between high-brand positioning under the vast output. The four series, hippocampus, super tyrant, constellation, disc, and branches under each string, all categories in the famous tables, are covered with comprehensive coverage and can be awarded one by one with Rolex. Essence

Omega Superba Snoopy Three Generations

The 50th Anniversary of the Omega Super Fighter “Apollo 11.”

While maintaining “balanced,” Omega has exclusive core technologies. Coales escapes, and 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic anti-magnetic anti-magnetic anti-magnetic prevention of the entire board has been completed. And on the silicon, ceramic case, and the exclusive ratio of 18K gold, full flowers. Omega is a collection of the entire Swaqi Group and made its best to build. It is one of the most robust watches in the Swomi Group and worldwide. This kind of strength is different from how many complex tables are, but each of the most common Omega models has the world’s leading technology. The technical configuration is very high, even if it is an entry table. Essence This is also difficult for other famous watch brands.

Omega Super Fighter “Tintin” (Insurance of Tintin)

Omega sea Horse 300 meters “no time to die.”

In the end, Omega uses the middle of the Tusso wheel as the core of the complex table, which is established in the field of complex tables. In the Swelry Group, the middle of the Tusso is unique to Omega. There are almost no similar products in the world of famous watches (some independent watchmakers have done it).

Omega is placed in the tourbillon in the Omega.

Cartier, the mainstay of Liceng Group.

Cartier, with its power, supply, and drive the entire Lifeng Group. It can be said that without Cartier, there would be no Rongfeng Group (name table business).

Cartier Pasha “Arabic Dard”

Some players new to the famous watch world have the phenomenon of “lighting” Cartier, which is caused by a lack of understanding of their favorite watch. Many watch brands of Richenda Group are tightly held by the “thighs” of Cartier. At present, Jiang Shimangton, Earl, Pan Guo, Panerai, and Celebrities are using the Cartier movement, the co-movement of the Richenda Group. CAROLE, director of the R & D department of Cartier, developed the two automatic activities of 1904MC and 1847mc produced by Cartier and released them in 2013. While Cartier uses its use, it is promoted by Liceng Group. The brands mentioned above, such as Jiang Shicondon, Earl, Pan Guo, Panerai, and others, choose from the two movements and make appropriate modifications according to their conditions. Cartier is the “engine” behind the entire Lifeng Group.

Cartier Yamashi

Cartier CPCP tank timing

Although we have always believed that Cartier is known for its beautiful and luxurious watch design, we will find that the various series under Cartier cover multiple categories in the famous tables as long as we take a closer look. Blue balloons and tanks are the series of formal dresses; Shanxus and Pasha are the series of sports. Like Rolex and Omega, they can correspond to one-to-one correspondence. In addition, the Cartier Women’s Watch is highly prominent. The strong Cartier series lineup is difficult to achieve by other famous watch brands outside Rolex and Omega.

Cartier 1991 Crash

Cartier Celestial Run Tusso Wheel

In addition to the conventional models, there are many complicated CARA, Tusso, three questions, perpetual calendars, big complex, cherishing craftsmanship, and has the level of top-level brands. This is what Rolex and Omega have.

Cartier’s mysterious dual Tusso flywheel three questions, complicated tables.

What are the benefits of the three giants for players?
The advantage is that buying is convenient and after-sales convenience. These three giants are the core brands that Rolex Group, Swalki Group, and Lifeng Group created. In the domestic Rolex, Omega, and Cartier, there are many stores, and after-sales improvement is difficult for other famous watch brands. Therefore, for new players and general public consumers, Rolex, Omega, and Cartier are the first choice for entering the famous high-end world.

  • Gender: Men’s
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Band Length: 19cm
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
  • Case Thickness: 16mm
  • Model: 116506IBLDO
  • Series: Daytona

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