Three Desires For Diving Watches, Best Fake Watches

Many people say that price restricts choice. What affects us more is mentality and needs.

Rolex Submariner: a feeling

The Submariner, also called the Submariner, was launched in 1953. It was the world’s first waterproof watch up to 100 meters at that time. It was also a breakthrough in waterproof performance research after Rolex launched the world’s first waterproof Oyster watch in 1926.

For many people, Rolex has a very prominent reputation and status symbol, so the research on the watch itself has been relatively weakened. In addition, there are not many options for Rolex, so it is more like a buying sentiment – I own a Rolex, a highly recognizable and popular model. Best fake watches.

Submariner and Submariner Date: compared with the original watch in 1953, the Oyster case has been newly designed, with a unidirectional rotating outer ring with a Cerachrom bezel and a solid link Oyster strap. Now, the diving depth is 300 rice.

Of course, the DD (day-date) is also a classic of Rolex and the representative of Daikin, but for many young people, diving watches are the most accessible choice.

After all, wearing a formal gold watch is immature for a kid in his early 20s.

Speaking of water ghosts, the famous director James Cameron had an in-depth understanding of the indigenous culture when filming “Avatar” and finally gave his water ghost to Chief Ropni. His “Titans” also wore this watch when Nick won the Oscar.

Some feelings are due to the pursuit of status symbols; your experiences will add color to them.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: Exploring Culture

The Fifty Fathoms was officially produced in 1953 and named after Mr. Fichte, Blancpain’s CEO.

In addition, after Blancpain developed the Fifty Fathoms line, the products became very rich, increasing the fun of selection. For example, this picture I once posted surprised everyone.

It is precisely because of the stories behind that it stimulates the fun of exploration (for example, the Frogman Commando limited edition is related to the fact that the Fifty Fathoms became the standard equipment of the French Navy to commemorate this pioneering cooperation) and look for the stories and designs of that era. , not just in the movement. Swiss replica website.

Speaking of culture, its name is more interesting. “Fu” is a unit for measuring water depth. Under the air compression technology at the time, fifty fathoms were considered almost the ultimate depth divers could dive to.

But a more romantic statement is that Blancpain President Fichte was inspired by the ballad sung by Ariel in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”: “Five fathoms deep in the water lies your father, whose bones have turned into coral.” (Full Fathom five thy father lies; his bones are coral made.)

If you don’t have an urgent identification need for a watch, then there must be a more profound desire.

Certina Turtle: Practicality comes first

When we pursue unscrupulous practical effects, Certina will appear – although few people dive, it allows you to experience the convenience and fun of a diving watch.

Due to the frequent hits in the past two years, we almost ignored Certina’s diving watch-kinetic series. We call it a turtle.

The first generation of the Kinetic Series was launched in 2013. Still, at that time, the Certina Swiss Diving Watch Design Studio had already begun the development of a new generation of diving watches simultaneously.

With the arrival of the last Certina Titanium Turtle, the second generation of the Kinetic Series diving automatic watches has ended, with eight models. The picture below shows the new Titanium Turtle.

The DS double safety technology invented in 1959 is still used by Certina today. Rabbit also introduced that all Certina watches have two rubber rings at the crown and the connection between the crown and the case so that even if the crown is pulled out, It is generally still waterproof, which is also a guarantee of waterproofness.

We can make a simple comparison.

The most intuitive feeling is that the intervals between the teeth of the unidirectional rotating bezel have become smaller and are alternately long and short. Still, simultaneously, the longitudinal size of the single raised structure has also become smaller.

The left is the first generation; the right is the second generation.

This setting is undoubtedly practical, firstly to add some business attributes in appearance, and secondly for comfort and safety.

We know that the one-way rotating timing ring is to calculate the remaining oxygen time. Generally, divers will strictly set the preset oxygen storage time before entering the water. Once set, it cannot be changed at will. The cross-tooth design of the Turtle II is less likely to be caught by foreign objects underwater. It is safer to change the initial settings without hanging.

The one-way rotating bezel of the first-generation turtle is made of fine steel with PVD coating. The second-generation turtle is made of anodized aluminum attached to the primary material, which is more resistant to seawater corrosion. The two pieces are the blue turtle and the green turtle, respectively.

The second generation also has a diving extension clasp, but for the first time, the design uses a lock-type extension clasp patented by Certina.

This is the 60th-anniversary commemorative edition of the Sea Turtle Conservation Organization, with adhesive tape, the sea turtle image of the STC Sea Turtle Conservation Organization on the back cover, and a commemorative watch box with a blue second hand.

Another piece of STC steel turtle (special edition for the Sea Turtle Conservation Organization) also has a blue secondhand and a steel band.

This is a red arrow steel turtle with a red second hand. This watch also has ISO6425 professional diving certification. Compared with the first generation, which was placed on the dial, the second generation turtle has it engraved on the back of the watch, which is more low-key.

There are also steel band and tape versions with green secondhand available.

When we look back at the popularity of diving watches, we can see that this road has been extended, and we saw the beginning of it at least ten years ago. However, it was not until four or five years ago that some well-known formal wear brands started to promote it; we can judge that the overall situation has been decided. Anyone who has yet to follow this trend feels somewhat unwilling.

Our definition of diving watches has also begun to change from “tool watches” to “decorative watches” and are more commonly known as diving appearance watches. However, a sentimental brand always wants to keep the foundation of its existence – even if the diving function is essential to most people. There is no use for the owner.

Gender: Men’s
Model: 116610LV
Band Length: 18cm
Dial Color: Green Dial
Series: Submariner
Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex

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