You Still Have To Look At Rolex, Fake Designer Watches For Unique Dials

In this year’s new Rolex products, everyone is attracted to the Perpetual 1908, which replaced the Cellini series, and the Daytona, which has completed the update. But in fact, Rolex has maintained the tradition of launching unique dials for day-date models every year for its new products. These masterpieces of watches are also worthy of the attention of watch enthusiasts and collectors. So today, I will show you the unique features of Rolex through real-life pictures—disk aesthetics.

Unique dials refer to unconventional dials. They generally use materials such as gems or decorative stones to make dials. Piaget pioneered this dial design in the early 1960s. Later, other brands, including Rolex, launched their exceptional dial replica watches. But Rolex is the one that plays with unique dials and the most types of all current watch brands. It is limited to highly expressive natural stones and includes meteorites, fossils, corals, mother-of-pearl, and many more. Rare wooden discs use green Aventurine, like the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 watch I want to introduce today. Fake designer watches.

Typical aventurine disk applications in the watch field are divided into two types. One is Aventurine, an artificially fired glass material; some translations call it gold-sprinkled glass. According to legend, a craftsman accidentally invented Aventurine by accidentally throwing metal shavings into a furnace of molten glass. A lucky coincidence resulted in this kind of glass containing many fine metal shavings, which produces an aventurine effect when exposed to light. Material is born. The other type is natural stone, a product of nature. As a variety of translucent quartz, it can also achieve the placer gold effect and shine because it contains mica and other substances.

Rolex’s Aventurine is natural, and the dial’s surface will also have natural impurity textures, including some pits if you look closely at the dial. It is similar to the glass aventurine used by many brands, commonly used to present the starry sky theme. The pure effect of black and white is still different, and few watch brands use natural green Aventurine like Rolex.

When we look at Rolex’s aventurine disk, many people say its color resembles a gambling table green. Still, it is prosperous and brighter simultaneously, and the small bright spots and tiny crystals in the disk have a flickering effect caused by the reflection of light. It’s the placer gold effect; it’s shiny enough. Even though it is green instead of blue and black, it still has a bright starry sky effect. If I had to describe it, this disk is like looking at the stars through an aurora.

When the green aventurine dial is matched with Roman diamond engravings and 52 diamonds on the outer ring, it undoubtedly once again enhances the luxury of the watch. Rolex’s diamond selection has always been of high standards, using only the closest to colorless diamonds, D to G grades, which are also the highest in the GIA color chart of the Gemological Institute of America. The setting is a prong setting, and the diamond is a round brilliant cut. This most classic and common combination can highlight the brilliance of the diamond to the greatest extent.

The disk has a classic bubble mirror calendar window at 3 o’clock. The calendar numbers are enlarged to facilitate the wearer’s reading, and the day of the week display window is noon.

The 36mm Oyster case is a solid 18k eternal rose gold piece. Rolex blends this unique rose gold softer in tone than its regular rose gold and is not easy to fade.

The Oyster case is paired with a screw-in double-buckle winding crown, making the watch water-resistant to 100 meters.

The Superlative Observatory has certified the 3255 movements equipped on the watch as a clock, with a daily error of plus or minus two seconds. The movement has excellent performance in all aspects. It is equipped with a nickel-phosphorus alloy Chronergy escapement system, a blue niobium Parachrom hairspring, and a Paraflex shock absorber, which makes the watch anti-magnetic, shockproof, and resistant to temperature changes. The movement can also provide 70 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

The bracelet is still the head-shaped strap with the iconic three-part solid link of the day-date type, which is comfortable and close to the wrist. The matching concealed folding crown buckle is convenient and robust. Only one small crown is needed to open the clasp.

The unique disk styles of Rolex Day-Date have become more abundant in 40 mm in recent years. Hematite quartz and onyx are more popular among watch friends. The larger size does have a fuller visual experience. Take this green aventurine watch as an example. Overall, the unique stone gives the watch a starry sky-like visual effect. At the same time, the size of 36 mm makes the watch aesthetically pleasing in terms of luxury and sophistication: harmony and balance. If the 40DD and 36mm DD are made of the same material, I will prefer the wearing feel of the 36, and it will feel more relaxed and comfortable to wear.

In addition to this green aventurine dial, Rolex launched an 18K gold case with a carnelian dial and an 18K white gold case with a turquoise dial for the day-date model.

Brand: Rolex
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Model: m128348rbr-0038
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 18cm
Series: Day-Date
Band Width: 20mm
Movement: Automatic

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