2023 New Table Of Rolex And Patek Philippe “Heavy.” Replica Watch Reviews

In 2023, Geneva’s “watch and miracle” watch exhibition opened on March 27. On the same day, Rolex and Patek Philippe released a new watch in 2023. Let me talk about the key styles that players are most concerned about. This year, regardless of Patek Philippe or Rolex, the update of the two “kings” is shocking.

Rolex booth

Let’s look at Rolex first.

Rolex Di Tong took the entire series of modifications, and Platinum Blossomy turned out.

This year is the 60th anniversary of Rolex Di Tonga. Inevitably, the new upgrade and the first one through the entire line are unexpected. The new Rolex Daditan has redesigned the proportion of the bezel and disk on the market across the board. Whenever the ceramic circle style has all increased metal edges. The material of the bezel metal and the case is uniform. For example, the panda is a steel shell, and the steel edge is added outside the ceramic ring. The ice blue is a platinum shell, which increases the platinum border and protects the ceramic ring. On the disk’s surface, the new Tongka’s time labels are more slender, narrowing the metal frame of the time label. We can also see the new Tongtong’s crown shoulder, which has increased. The new Di Tonga, below the dial at 6 o’clock, is also printed with “Little Crown.” Please pay attention to this detail.

Rolex’s new platinum shell Ice Blossomy is through.

The movement of the new Ditonga has also been updated to upgrade to the 4131 automatic timing movement. Compared with the previous 4130 campaign, the new 4131 activities were replaced with the Rolex Chronergy escapement system. That is the “hollow escapement” used by Rolex on the 32 series. And the 4131 movements displayed by Rolex were replaced with K gold automatic Tuo.

The new ice-blue di, the 4131 automatic timing movement.

Finally, everyone pays attention, Rolex Di Tong has taken the bottom, and Binglan Di is thorough. In the past, only the prince of Cheryini went through the bottom, saying that the oyster case should be waterproof and dust-proof so it was not penetrated. Now, from Binglandi, the mouth is opened. Surprisingly, Rolex Tong took the whole board because the ceramic circle Pandi was launched in 2016. This time, the upgrade came earlier than expected. At the same time, everyone, this time, the entire line upgrades means that Di Tong has become an old model.

The new steel shell Di Tong took it. Note that the ceramic circle has metal edges.

Titanium shell yacht finally came.

Titanium shell yachts have been passed for several years, and this year finally came. The new titanium shell yacht is 42 mm in size. It is Rolex’s second titanium shell replica watch reviews (the first is the ghost emperor of titanium shell). The new titanium shell yacht uses five titanium surfaces and bracelets, all of which are titanium. While reducing the weight of the titanium shell, Rolex’s polishing of titanium shells also attaches great importance to it. The whole watch was brushed in large areas, but meticulous polishing at the case change and shoulder guards. In addition to titanium shells, the new titanium yacht inherits the market and bezel design of conventional ships. The bezel uses the same three-dimensional digital scale ceramic ring as the gold rose boat.

Rolex’s new titanium shell yacht with a size of 42 mm.

Exploring one, the size increases.

Rolex’s new exploring one with a size of 40 mm. Since ancient times, after many discounts, the length of Rolex’s visits has been changing. Antique explores one; the size is 36. It increased to 39 mm and lasted for some time. In 2021, it was exploring 36 mm. Tanyi added 40 mm models to align with Rolex Empty Battle and Grinding this year. The new 40mm exploration is one of the most sizes in various historical periods.

Rolex’s new exploring one with a size of 40 mm.

Oyster-style constant movement, Tiffany blue, plus a color bubble.

Rolex’s new oyster constant movement, the super-fire Tiffany Blue is back and adds the “wave dot” (Rolex officially named air bubbles). Rolex is considered to be aware of the entry-level oyster constant. The entry model needs more technical characteristics. It doesn’t matter; let’s go on the color disk. Previously, Tiffany’s blue oyster-type constant fire, producing for some time to discontinue production, maintaining a high sentiment. Then this year adds a wave of “wave dots.” You can think about the cooperation models of LV and Kusama this year, which is the “wave dot.” Rolex followed the fashion trend, and it was slippery.

Rolex’s new Tiffany “Bubble” Oyster Health

Hengmou 1908, new series, new movement, new technology.

Unexpectedly, Rolex even launched a new formal form, still paying attention to the slim format. Rolex officially stated that this new constant kinetic 1908 was the design of the 1931 antique oyster watch. The outer circle has dog teeth, Breguet needles, and three tiny stitches. For this table, Rolex has developed a new 7140 automatic movement. It focuses on ultra-thin; this movement uses Syloxi silicon travel silk. We can see the unique shape of Rolex Silicon Silk. In this 7140 movement, using SYLOXI silicon travel silk, I also fancy silicon travelers’ anti-magnetic and seismic properties to ensure ultra-thin movements’ performance. Today, Bingni Di is all over. This Hengmou 1908 must also be through.

Rolex’s new constant kinetic 1908 and 7140 movements through the bottom.

Next is Patek Philippe.

First, you can rest assured that in the new Patek Philippe’s new watch this year, Nautilus has been familiar, and Nautilus still maintains a 5811g lineup. However, Patek Philippe is unique in other series.

6007G, Patek Philippe’s “movement” is getting stronger and stronger.

Patek Philippe has continuously strengthened the simple watch Calatrava series lineup in the past few years. This year, three large three-needle Calatrava was launched in one breath, 6007g of platinum shell, including red, yellow, blue, and three colors. Patek Philippe 6007 is a style that has been introduced previously but was launched in 2020. However, in 2020, it was 6007A of the steel shell, limited to 600. Now the platinum shell, 6007g, is not here.

Patek Philippe new 6007G

The most prominent feature of the Patek Philippe 6007 is the center of the watch surface, which is decorated with a “carbon fiber-shaped plaid.” This “carbon fiber lattice” is inherited from Patek Philippe’s orphan 5208T. It is Patek Emerald, and there are few decorative patterns. The new Platinum 6007G, in addition to the plaid, embellish the color scale and match the strap color stitching, making the watch look very sporty (waterproof is still 30 meters). It can also be seen that Patek Philippe intends to tilt toward the sports style—6007 G, 40 mm, using 330 automatic movements, the public price of 295100.

Patek Philippe new 6007G

5924G, Patek Philippe added time to the flight table.

Patek Philippe Platinum Shell 5924G. But, it adds timing to the Patek Philippe Form 5524. Coupled with time, compared with 5524, the new 5924 layouts have changed. The watch disk of the watch was noon, and the 6 o’clock became a timing disk. The timing button is on the side of the crown. At the time of 5524, at the two places on the left of the case, the controller became a hidden button on 5924. 5924G is also among Patek Philippe and the sports style (waterproof is still 30 meters). The size is 42 mm, and using the CH28 automatic timing movement, the public price is 590100.

Patek Philippe new 5924G

5224r, Patek Philippe “Retro”.

In addition to exercise, the retro style has been another vital direction in Patek Philippe in recent years. The new Rose Gold 5224R is a retro style. We can see that the new 5224R is a diminutive three-needle and two places. The old-fashioned needle pipe pointer and multi-layer ears can quickly remind us of Patek Philippe’s 5172. Watch pointers and numerals are significant -scale luminous and enhance the watch’s sense of movement. 5224R, using Patek Philippe’s new generation of 260 Pearl Tuo movements and adjustment of the two places, all of which are integrated into the crown. The size is 42 mm, and the public price is 447200.

Patek Philippe new 5224R

5316p, Patek Philippe’s 23-year new watch “strongest combat power.”

As a cousin, a sizeable complicated watch is the foundation of Patek Philippe. This year, Patek Philippe’s complex watch and the most potent combat power are the 5316P, which concentrates on three questions, Tusso wheels, and a perpetual calendar.

Patek Philippe new 5316p

Regarding the three primary complex functions, the first reaction must be 5016. Today, 5016 is still one of the most complicated and most valuable swiss replica watches in Patek Philippe. Today, the new 5316 is the “latest incarnation” of 5016. From the number, you can see the connection between the two watches. The window plus the calendar and the tourbillon on the back, plus three questions, maintained a classic layout. The translucent gradient surface has dramatically increased the modern sense.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Range: Daytona
  • Model: 116509
  • Gender: Mens
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Case_size: 40 MM
  • Case_material: White Gold
  • Bracelet_material: White Gold (Oyster)
  • Dial_type: Black Arabic
  • Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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