Those “Inheritance Design” In The Diving Surface Replica Watches Review

Speaking of “inheritance design,” many friends may first think of the automotive field. Such as BMW’s “kidney,” Audi’s “big mouth,” Lexus’s “spindle,” and Cadillac’s “diamond cutting” are very representative. Today, these designs are also profoundly bound with the brand, which has high recognition. In fact, in the field of replica watches review, many products use “inheritance design.” Even after many years of development, many elements can be connected to the initial generations. Let us learn through several more popular diving watches.

Rolex submarine navigation type (water ghost)

Ref.6204 and Ref.5512

Rolex water ghost originated in 1953 and is the world’s first batch of diving watches. Ref.6204 is considered to be the originator of the series. It uses Rolex patented oyster waterproof case, rotating outer ring, and night pearls in the inverted triangle area, profoundly impacting subsequent works. The luminous schedule in the dial has continued to this day.


However, Rolex did not use another famous element in the first generation of water ghosts: “Mercedes -Benz Needle.” Only in the second generation of water ghost Ref.5512 in 1959 was this distinct pointer added. Through two -generation works over six years, the design language of Rolex Water Ghost has stabilized, forming its design style. They can still find their shadows in the current selling water ghost Ref.126610.

Blanca Fifty

As one of Rolex’s Water Ghosts, the Blancpain 50 also occupies an important position in the field of diving watches. The first fifty – diving watches came out in 1953, with the “50” waterproof depth of the highest specifications in the same period. In the series of early products, Blancpain has adopted a dual “O” waterproof sealing ring crown and rotating bottom cover and is equipped with an automatic chain movement with a specific magnetic ability.

Model: 5015-1130-52A

Compared with the early series of products, Hyundai Fifty Capital still uses one-way rotation in the outer ring. The diamond-shaped luminous light at 0 points is in the same vein as the early products in the Arabic numerals 15, 30, and 45. Although modern aesthetics fine-tune the timing of the time, the arrow at the front end of the second hand is retained. Whenever I see the luminous diamond label in the outer diving circle, I first think of fifty.

Tudor Bay Bay Type


Rolex influenced the early Tudor Watch, and some parts of the case could even be swapped directly with Rolex. Therefore, the Tudor watch did not belong to its design characteristics then. For example, the Tudor REF.7922 watch launched in 1954 uses almost the same appearance design as the original Rolex water ghost. From the case’s shape and the disk’s layout, Essence An interesting detail is that Tudor used the Mercedes -Benz needle as early as 1954, and the orthodox work of the Rolex Submarine Series was replaced until 1959.

Tudor Biwan 1958 Navy Blue

The label of the “Inheritance Design” of the Tudor Watch is the “Snow Shirt” in 1969 (player, also known as a scoop). The snowflake needle is named after the snowflake’s shape, which resembles the pointer’s front end. This broad and complete luminous filling increases the fluorescent display area, making people see it at a glance. It is a design that takes into account beauty and practicality. Although the Tudor fake watches for sale at this time were still very close to Rolex’s appearance, the “Snow Shin” launch is undoubtedly significant, which marks the separation of Tudor and Rolex. Since then, the Tudor Watch has gradually begun to get rid of the influence of Rolex and explore its style.

Omega sea horse 300 meters

Model: 2531.80.00

The 300-meter Omega Seedon Horse is also a highly hot diving watch. Many new eyes easily confuse the differences between the “Hippocampus 300” and “Sea Horses 300m” series. Simply put, the Omega Horse 300 originated in 1957, showing solid characteristics of the times, and the watch’s design is biased toward retro. The sea horse is 300 meters younger. The first product was released in 1993 (model: 2531.80.00). The row valve located in the 10 o’clock direction is one of the very recognizable features of the series. Unlike the “teeth” non-slip texture of most diving watches, the edge of the 300-meter ring of the hippocampus is used with a unique border. The luminous label in the dial is also displayed as square and circular, and the 12-point hour marker is the vertical dual-column.


Regarding the pointer style, the hippocampus uses a circular luminous at the front end of the hollow hour needle, and the acupuncture is triangular luminous. The two types are conducive to quickly reading information and avoiding confusing pointers. Nowadays, the current 300-meter diving watches on the hippocampus have also continued the design language that originated from the initial generation, such as the row valve, the wavy plate surface, and the pointer shape.

Langqin Cascas Diving Watch

Model: L3.642.4.56.6 (2012 model)

In the 10,000-level diving watch, with a high value and brand recognition, the Langqin Kangcas diving watch was widely evaluated. Although the Conkas series already existed, it was not a diving watch at the beginning of the series, but another classic work from Langqin: All-GUARD. At this time, the Cumas series followed the traditional and round formal table and had little relationship with “sports.”

Model: L3.781.4.56.6 (currently on sale)

The change of things came in 2012. Affected by the popularity of diving watches in recent years, the brand determined to restart the Consecas series and transformed the series from a classic style to a sports style. The Consecas Diving Watch has been iterated many times since the early 2012 products. The movement of the movement and the bezel has also been upgraded. Still, the unchanged is the diamond-shaped luminous at the front end of the hour hand, the slender sticky brilliant light on the minute hand, and the dial 12, 6, and 9 points are always presented in Arabic numerals. And with the angular crown bridge is characteristic of the modern Consecas diving meter.

It is not difficult to see through those mentioned above more popular diving watches that “inheritance design” can not only inherit the historical heritage of the series but also help reduce design difficulty and improve product recognition.

  • Movement: Automatic
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Series: Submariner
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Model: 16610LV
  • Band Width: 20mm

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