A Brief History Of The Rolex Oyster Strap, Best Rolex Replicas

Although it has supplied watch straps to Rolex since the 1930s, the accurate Oyster Bracelet was long overdue.

In February 1947, the Oyster strap was patented (Patent No. 257,815) and appeared in Rolex’s product catalog the following year.

In that era, leather straps were a more common choice, and Oyster straps were mainly installed on specific bubble back and chronograph models. And in the five years since its launch, its design and structure have remained unchanged.

It was not until 1952 that a landmark improved version was born.

The gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Before this, the end of the Oyster strap was a straight hollow shaft used to cover the raw ear to fix it. But after it was installed, there was a gap between the watch case and the steel band, which was utterly unbearable for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Swiss replica watches.

The new Oyster strap, unveiled with patent number 303,005, has changed the end link to a pair of arc-shaped parts, which we often call “arc openings” now. And this arc-shaped link perfectly fills the gap.

End links are specially numbered to fit their corresponding case.

Since then, the Oyster case and strap have become a pleasing “whole,” as we are familiar with today. And this move is simply good news for those with obsessive-compulsive disorder like us.

Watch is safer

More importantly, the link indirectly plays a fixing role, evenly distributing the tension at the connection part, thereby reducing the stress on both ends of the ear, undoubtedly making the watch safer.

This Oyster strap was first assembled on GMT-MASTER Ref. 6542 in about 1955, which shows its sports genes.

Subsequently, it was installed on the Explorer and Submariner series at that time.

Then, the Oyster strap dominated Rolex’s sports watches for ten years until the classic five-bead bracelet was assembled on Ref. 1675, mentioned in this article. Best Rolex replicas.

PS: Starting from the Sea-Dweller type, the end arc link is made of complete solid steel, which is more robust and reliable and can keep the lug position stable. To this day, solid end links (steel or precious metal) are standard on all Rolex watch straps.

In summary, the optimization of this detail not only relieves the visual pain of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder but also makes our watches safer.

Series: Submariner
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Case Color: Silver-tone
Movement: Automatic
Band Width: 20mm
Model: 116610LN

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