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GMT is the abbreviation of Greenwich Mean Time. The concept of this time system was established in 1884. It is calculated and maintained by the Royal Observatory of Greenwich in London, England, and the longitude of its location is the starting point for GMT calculation. Each longitude 15 degrees apart is a time zone unit, displayed with a + sign to the east and a – sign to the west. Beijing Standard Time is located in the East Eighth District of GMT+8. In the decades after this calculation mechanism was confirmed, it gradually developed in other European countries, and today, it has become the world’s universal time zone calculation standard. A few countries’ time zones have a time difference of half an hour. For example, the time difference between India and China is 2.5 hours (slower than China), and the time difference between Afghanistan, Iran, and China is 3.5 hours (slower than China). This setting is Because these countries happen to be located at the midpoint of two time zones or are set up to divide national boundaries.

There are two standard display methods for GMT dual time zone watches on the market. One is the pointer type. In addition to the hour and minute hands, there is another pointer with a 24-hour time scale to indicate the second time zone; the other is 24-hour. The control window display is usually equipped with two time zone quick-adjust buttons, which can quickly adjust the second time forward and backward.

Chopard L.U.C. dual time zone GMT watch (analog type)

Athens Manager Dual Time Zone GMT Watch (Window Display)

Rolex GMT-MASTER II watch


Both have GMT functions, but these two watches present completely different orientations and styles, but each has its own merits. Almost everyone knows the classic nature of Rolex GMT-MASTER II, and its reliable quality and solid watchmaking technology are why the market favors it. This watch caused a wave of craze when it was launched in 2013 because it was the first time Rolex presented the ceramic bezel in a two-color way, and it was also the brand’s first timepiece that used blue and black to represent day (blue) and night (black). GMT watch, applying two-color ceramic ring technology, is a significant breakthrough in Rolex technology. The transition between blue and black colors can be said to be clean, crisp, and seamless, becoming the biggest highlight of this watch.
Overall, it is still the typical style of Rolex Oyster sports watch – rugged, sophisticated, and with a solid sports and leisure style. The 40mm watch diameter suits my wrist and is not too thick. The polished blue-black ceramic outer ring becomes the visual focus of the entire watch. The black dial is atmospheric and calm, and the blue second-time zone pointer harmonizes with the watch. The blue of the bezel echoes each other.

This watch is the watch I wear most often. The reason is straightforward. It is clear when reading. It is stress-free and can face all kinds of daily bumps. The 100-meter waterproof suits daily hand washing, sweating, and rain. It can be easily used for swimming and is versatile for various occasions and clothing styles. It can be easily matched with T-shirts, shorts, or business suits. I will grab this one if I have yet to think about which watch to wear today. Rolex GMT-MASTER II GMT. Who makes the best replica watches?

Rolex GMT-MASTER II GMT is versatile and shows different styles with different straps. Putting on a new strap feels like wearing a new watch.

The other Grand Seiko has an entirely different look – elegant, elegant and full of details. First of all, the first reason why I was hooked on it was its unique cream-colored dial. I still remember seeing this watch quietly parked in the window, with a cream-colored dial, blue steel second-time zone hands, and sparkling. The shiny stick-shaped three-dimensional time scale and hands immediately made me take a second look. After a short observation period, I was entirely captured by this watch’s harmonious proportions, exquisite detail processing, and more. What I can’t resist is the simple yet charming charm it presents that makes people want to play again and again. It was not the first time I saw this watch in person, but I discovered its power to move me at that moment, and I knew I had found another true love.

Compared with the rough and heroic Rolex GMT-MASTER II, this Grand Seiko GMT takes a refined route. The rare cream-colored dial reveals a retro and elegant taste, and the polishing from the movement to the case, hands, and even hour markers are all fantastic; every time I see this watch, I feel like it is shining!

The hour and minute hands are the classic sword-shaped hands of G.S. The front is brushed, and the sides are brightly polished to give the overall sharpness. They are slender and sharp like a blade; the multi-faceted rectangular hour markers are also brushed from the front, and the square’s four sides are brightly polished. In addition, the blue steel hands and the 24-hour annular ring inside the time scale provide the second time zone and the excellent proportion design, which becomes another decoration on the dial. There is another fantastic detail of this watch. If you look at the minute hand from a slightly side angle, you will find that it is somewhat curved near the end – this is not a flaw – but a functional consideration due to the extra two hours. The pointer and minute hand are forced to be raised, which creates a more significant visual gap when indicating the minute scale. The downward bending of the pointer allows the minute hand to point out the minute scale more clearly, making it easier to read. From this small place, you can see Seiko’s meticulous pursuit of performance. The sum of these details creates the effect of this watch that you will never tire of. Richard mille replica.

The minute hand is slightly bent down near the end. The downward bending of the pointer can point out the minute scale more clearly, making it easier to read.

The watch diameter of the Grand Seiko GMT is 39.5 mm. Although it is only 0.5 mm different from the Rolex GMT, it looks much more delicate when worn on the wrist. Wear it with a shirt or suit, match it with a pair of jeans or white shoes, or pair it with loafers, and with this watch, the elegant style will immediately pop up. Even if it is a daily business suit, the overall texture will be significantly enhanced when paired with it. Since this watch is not oriented towards sports and leisure functions, it is only waterproof to 30 meters, and the case is fully polished. Therefore, you must be more careful when wearing it daily and avoid moisture and rough use.

I also like to change different straps to match this watch. Clothing changes with the seasons, and the straps also change! Moreover, different straps will bring out different styles of the watch. With the economical and affordable way to change straps and match them, the effect is as good as wearing a new watch.

Both watches are equipped with self-made movements. The GMT-MASTER II is a 3186 automatic movement with a power reserve of about 48 hours, and the G.S. is a 9S66 automatic movement with a power reserve of about 72 hours. Regarding battery life, I prefer the convenience of the G.S., and it is better regarding movement polishing (Rolex has no polishing and decoration); in terms of accuracy, I need to measure it carefully. After synchronizing the time with the mobile phone, the two watches After watches run simultaneously for 24 hours and only time to minutes (the second error is not included); the two are equally matched, which is definitely enough for daily matching.

Rolex 3186 automatic movement

GRAND SEIKO 9S66 automatic movement

These two watches’ time zone adjustment methods are the same, which is the adjustment method of most analog GMT watches today. When the crown is not pulled out to the first position, rotate it upwards to wind it directly (Rolex is a screw-in watch; you can wind it after unscrewing it downwards). When pulled out to the second position, you can quickly adjust the hour hand (minute hand, minute hand, etc.). The second-hour hand does not move), the hands of both watches can be adjusted forward and backward, and the date will also move forward or backward by one day with the hands. Pulling out the crown to the third position will simultaneously adjust the hour and minute hands. At this time, the second-place pointer will also be linked to this. This step is mainly used to adjust the second place (hometown) time zone.

How do we adjust the time difference? Please assume that the time in both places on the watch has been set to the Shanghai time zone and you want to fly to London. After arriving at your destination, pull out the crown to the second position and turn the hour hand counterclockwise (because London time is slower than ours) 7 hours) can be quickly adjusted to the local time in London. The second-place pointer still stays at Shanghai time. At this time, the time in the two cities is precise at a glance.

So what if only the hour and minute hands are Shanghai time at the beginning, but not the second place hand? It’s not difficult either. Pull the crown to the third position and adjust the second-place pointer to Shanghai time. At this time, the standard pointer no longer indicates the correct time in Shanghai due to linkage. At this time, return the crown to the second position. Period, adjust the hour hand to the correct time in Shanghai, or if you have arrived in other countries, you can also directly adjust the hour hand to the local time. When reading, we usually use the usual hour and minute hands to represent the local time, and the second time zone usually represents the home time or the urban area of another city you want to pay attention to. Still, it is not a hard and fast rule. It depends on personal use. Habit dominates.

Since the Rolex GMT-MASTER II adopts a 24-hour display with a front and rear rotating outer ring, you can also use this design to see the third time. The method is straightforward. Just put the number on the bezel that represents the third time you want to pay attention to. When the number rotates to the position indicated by the second pointer, you can use this pointer to read the third place time (corresponding to the number on the rotating bezel). Did you get the time adjustment tips for GMT watches in this way?

Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 20cm
Model: 116710BLNR-78200
Case Size: 40mm
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Brand: Rolex

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