Another Realm Of Watch Hobby: Modified Watches, Replica Rolex

Many years ago, I developed a strong interest in watches and learned about them through many channels. I thought I just opened a door, but who would have thought I would fall into a vast ocean? I have been out of control since then, and two significant achievements of the mechanical industry, mechanical watches, and automobiles, have some similar attributes. They are the favorites of many men, so they often put these two things together to make an analogy. One of the exciting directions is Modification. Car modification has become commonplace now. People who play with cars generally desire to modify a vehicle they are satisfied with. People who are good at it used to change a vehicle with two wheels, but now they modify a car with four wheels. The watch industry is no exception. Some people like to modify watches for no other reason than for fun. Of course, changing a car also costs money.

Rolex Yacht-Master modified by Bamford Company.

The watch was modified.

Regarding watch modification, watches were born in the earliest days. We all know that wristwatches have been popular in the last century. Still, there is no generally accepted statement about when the first modern wristwatch was born and became famous. However, it is usually assumed that the actual arrival of the wristwatch era did not occur suddenly at one point in time but gradually became popular. Among them, wristwatches modified from pocket watches were the prototype of modern wristwatches.

Early wristwatches were modified from pocket watches. Left: Audemars Piguet. Middle: Omega. Right: Patek Philippe.

The 19th century was the era when pocket watches were popular. However, due to their relatively large size, the portability of pocket watches still needed to be improved. Although the pendant watches used for decoration were small, they were challenging to read. At the end of the 19th century, some people began to make small pocket watches. Weld lugs or “U” shaped lugs to the case, then attach the strap to transform it into a wearable watch. This type of wristwatch, modified from a small pocket watch, became increasingly common in the early 20th century. Since small pocket watches could have been designed and produced then, it shows that small movements’ R&D and manufacturing capabilities are available. Still, it is limited to hundreds of years of pocket watch design habits, and no one directly designed it as a wristwatch.

Hermès’ first watch

Hermès’s first watch was another clever approach. It put a case on a small pocket watch, equipped with a strap, and could be worn on the wrist. This Modification does not destroy the pocket watch’s original appearance, so if you follow the current fashion design concept, it can theoretically change many shapes and colors, which should be pretty fashionable.

We all agree that the two world wars in the first half of the 20th century essentially accelerated the arrival of the wristwatch era due to the needs of the military. At that time, some watchmaking workshops began to design movements, cases, and straps based on the structure of the watch modified from the pocket watch, combined with the wearing size, scene, and habits of the watch. This was considered an actual watch. Orders from the military allowed watchmaking workshops to mass-produce watches. The civilian market after the war benefited from this, and watches became popular.

Playing with Modification is about mood.

In modern times, the difference between watch modification and car modification was that the watch was too small and delicate. Any slight damage to the internal movement may affect the quality of the entire watch, so comparison is required. It’s high, and it’s very energy-consuming. Very few people modify their watches. However, the Modification does not require changing the movement at the beginning. Most of the time, we only need to alter the appearance to bring a lot of fun slightly.

With Rubber B straps in different colors, Rolex has more styles.

Changing the strap is the most common kind of watch modification. Currently, there are many kinds of watch straps. In addition to the most common leather and metal straps, there are also nylon straps, rubber straps, etc., represented by the Nato style. Nowadays, many brands focus on fashion and versatility, so they have launched some designs that watch owners can easily change. One of the most representative brands is Hublot. You can easily remove the original strap by pressing the button on the case. You can then buy a strap of the corresponding style and replace it according to your preference and size. There is also Montblanc’s Boxi women’s watch, which also has a convenient device for changing straps.

Nato-style leather strap

Nato canvas strap

Nato-style canvas straps in various colors

One thing you must pay attention to when changing a watch strap is that you must first measure the size of the strap and the type of buckle. If you want to use the original buckle, you must also measure the width and width of the strap where the buckle and strap connect. Style, then go to the watch strap manufacturer to buy or order. Most of these can be achieved through the omnipotent Taobao. Just change the watch strap to change your mood. This kind of Modification is low-cost but endless fun.

A new time for old things

After being in contact with watches for a long time, many will become increasingly fond of antique watches or antique movements. New objects cannot give the sense of time passing by old objects. Moreover, many old objects are well-designed and well-made, making them more popular. However, old watches’ casing, hands, and dials are rarely well preserved over long years, but the movement is often better preserved. Therefore, to prevent the movement from getting dusty, it is reasonable to replace it with new equipment.

Watches modified from Hamilton 917 and 921 pocket watch movements.

Hamilton caliber 921 pocket watch

But I have seen more often that many people like to collect and shop for famous movements, pocket watches, or wristwatches in history and then try to find ways to match them with the appropriate case, dial, hands, and strap. This kind of Modification is exciting. So, finding watch shops with this customization service will save a lot of trouble. They can help find these accessories. Finally, The modifications are generally reasonable, but the waiting time is relatively long, and it would be even more complicated if the dial and needle types were precisely what the watch owner wanted.

The so-called experts among the people, there are indeed some people who primarily like to modify watches. If they can do it, they can change it themselves. This fun is almost comparable to making your watch. It is not uncommon to spend several years looking for various accessories. I have seen that the most used movements are the Hamilton 921 movement, the 917 movement, Volkin’s railway pocket watch movement, Piaget 9P, Longines 17L, etc. The kind of movement suitable for Modification depends on whether it is of good quality and easy to match. Otherwise, the size and position of the crown, the pin diameter, the height of the hands, the position of the dial nails, etc., will all increase the number of matching parts. Difficulty. These movements are relatively easy to match.

Left: Panerai California surface modified with a pocket watch movement. Right: A watch modified with a Sigma movement.

This level of Modification generally requires sufficient professional knowledge and some equipment. If you are still getting ready, finding a watchmaker you know is relatively more straightforward. Otherwise, the cost and risk will be high. Destroy the good movement you finally found.

Those who dare to touch modern models are not ordinary people.

Generally speaking, modern watches are pretty young. Compared with the lifespan of mechanical watches, they are just a teenager. Generally speaking, watch friends rarely do anything with them after buying them. However, it is not ruled out that some watch friends will modify the original watch because it is tired of wearing it, the appearance parts are relatively damaged, or for other reasons.

Bamford modified Rolex Submariner and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph.

Few private watch owners modify their watches. At most, they can customize a signature or a unique dial. Many brands can provide these officially, which is considered customization. However, some third-party companies accept modified watches. Among them, Bamford, a famous modification company, is very good at modifying watches such as Patek Philippe and replica rolex that ordinary people dare not touch. Bamford will cooperate with many design companies to launch personalized watches with a strong sense of design.

Carved case Rolex modified by MadeWorn

The American company MadeWorn is also good at design and Modification, but its main business is not modifying watches. Because Mr. Blaine understands design and likes watches, he also modified watches along the way. The engraved Rolex he launched made watch lovers salivate. Rolex replica watches.

Watch modification is another way of loving watches. It is different from collectors collecting watches. Like car modification, enthusiasts regard it as a fun and a concept of life. A mechanical timepiece must be worn to have a story with its owner. At present, only watchmakers can modify the movement at a higher level. It is like changing a car engine, which is not something that enthusiasts can control.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Yacht-master Ii
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 44mm
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 21cm
Model: 116680-78210
Band Width: 21mm

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