Chic Log Dial, Who Sells The Best Replica Watches

What is shared below is the log series Ref. 1601/4 produced in 1972. It is an unpolished individual that maintains its original appearance and has complete accessories. Nowadays, the watch industry is paying more and more attention to the condition of the watch case. It is often possible to see some watches close to their original condition. However, it still looks different from the original one, and the corresponding evaluation is naturally different. It is The same, so choosing a store that can identify whether it is an original appearance watch is essential. Whether you wear or touch the original condition watch, the touch is different. This commemorative folding watch strap has remained especially strong. It takes work to maintain an excellent original condition. It is also perfect as an antique collectible coupled with complete accessories. Who sells the best replica watches?

The contrast of the silver linen dial is very novel now. There is no luminous paint on the dial. This texture fits well with the Sigma [σ] mark at 6 o’clock. If you enlarge the dial and look carefully, there are minor scratches on the edge of the dial, but they are almost invisible to the naked eye. The quality of the linen surface is different from that of the fault edge disk, which visually makes the dial look three-dimensional.

As mentioned at the beginning of the case, it is in its original unpolished condition. You can feel the sharpness of the edges of the case through the pictures. The bezel also shows no trace of deformation. The triangular pit pattern looks full and thick, and the back cover has serrations. It is also apparent, indicating that there are few traces of use. The strap is a 6251H commemorative folding strap with the number 55. The strap in the picture has not become loose at all, which is a scarce condition. The straps are tightly connected, and the edges are sharp and angular. The date of the buckle is the 4th issue of 1972, and the year is consistent with the problem. Patek Philippe replica.

Even collectors who value condition will find this Ref. 1601 very rare. The original Ref.1601 with complete accessories is probably not easy to come across, but it can also provide a good reference for everyone to choose classic antiques in the future. While sharing it, I also saw a new Rolex dial.

Series: Day-Date
Model: 218239
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm
Movement: Automatic
Case Size: 41mm

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