Antique Greenwich Ref.1675 Violet Circle, Best Swiss Replica Watches

Today I want to introduce a different antique Greenwich watch, Violet Ring Ref.1657. The bezel’s color is very characteristic; everyone will like it.

The first is part of the dial, the style is the MK1 dial, and its characteristic is the letter [E] in the [ROLEX] logo on the upper part of the dial. You may have noticed that the length of the horizontal bar in the middle of MK1’s E is slightly longer than that of the subsequent dials. You can use this place to judge whether the Ref.1675 in your hand is an MK1 disk. Best swiss replica watches.

Another feature of this watch is that the triangular part at the front of the 24-hour hand is much smaller than that of the same model later. This style is also called the mini 24-hour hand, which is distinctive. It is a relatively common collocation in the early MK1 disk. Swiss replica website.

Next, let’s look at the bezel. Although the violet circle mainly exists in the MK3 bezel, there are also violet circles in the MK2 bezel in the alternating period of lacquered and matte surfaces. Today I will introduce this one to you. It is the watch with the MK2 violet bezel. Compared to MK3, violet circles are even rarer. The bezel has faded beautifully, and the years have left scratches on the bezel’s surface, making this antique watch look more tasteful.

The third thing to talk about is the case. Although the issue is not unpolished in terms of shape, it is still in a relatively good state and needs to be excessively polished.

The last part is the watch chain. The watch chain with this watch is a 20mm rivet strap, model FF80/7206. The buckle is stamped with four issues of 67. Although it is damaged, it can still be used. I have to say that Rolex watches are indeed durable.

Case Size: 40mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Model: m126710blro-0002
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s

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