What “Food” Can Be Seen But Not Eaten In The Bezel? Rolex Knockoff

“This salmon is beautiful” and “This sandwich is also good” sound like a comment on a lunch? But they also refer specifically to specific design features on a watch. Look at today’s three most common “food code words” in the bezel.

What are Coke Circle and Pepsi Circle? ——Two-color bezel


Pepsi Circle

Cola circle

What is the relationship between the Coke and Pepsi circles in the watch world and the familiar “Fat House Happy Water”? You may look at the above two pictures; the answer is obvious.

The Coke ring/Pepsi ring first appeared in the Rolex GMT-Master Greenwich-type series. The red and blue two-color bezel is similar to the outer packaging of Pepsi, so it is called the “Pepsi ring.” Red and blue are also the original hues of the Greenwich Master. The red and black two-color bezel is very similar to the color of Coca-Cola, so it is called “Coke Circle.” Rolex knockoff.

This two-color bezel is not just for fun but, more importantly, to distinguish between day and night, with the red part indicating daytime and the blue (or black) role indicating nighttime.

Left to right:
Tudor Biwan series M79830RB-0001 watch
Citizen Eco-DriveOne Series AW1527-86E Watch
TAG Heuer Aquamarine WAY201F.BA0927 watch

Although the name of the Coke Pepsi circle is derived from Rolex GMT, they are not exclusive to Rolex. Nowadays, many brands also launch two-color bezel watches, such as the Tudor Black Bay series GMT watch, the TAG Heuer Aquamarine series dual time Wristwatches, or Citizen Eco-DriveOne series light kinetic energy watches; these have become the Coke/Pepsi circle that everyone loves to see.

Why is it called salmon? – dial color

Patek Philippe

The so-called salmon dial (SalmonDial) refers to the pink-orange dial. This particular color is pink, orange, and a little red, which is very similar to the salmon we usually eat, so there is salmon—the dial’s name.

Speaking of which, salmon dials are not uncommon. In the 1990s, famous watch brands like Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe had salmon dials.

Patek Philippe Platinum 52.7 million perpetual calendar chronograph

Patek Philippe Stainless Steel 6300A Master Chime Watch

In recent years, salmon dials have received more and more attention, among which Patek Philippe’s 52.7 million perpetual calendar chronographs are well-known. At the OnlyWatch Charity Auction in 2019, the Patek Philippe stainless steel 6300A master string watch was hammered at a high price of 31 million Swiss francs (approximately RMB 220 million), creating the highest price in watch auctions so far, and also set off a craze for salmon dials.

Breitling Puya series AB2510201K1P1 watch

Glashütte Original Senator Series 1-36-12-01-02-61 watch

Like the Breitling Puya series salmon plate watch, it is always talked about by watch friends. The color of the dial of the limited edition perpetual calendar of the Senator series launched by Glashütte Original in 2021 is also very close to the color of salmon.

Montblanc Heritage U0126078 watch

NOMOS Tetra series 443 watch

In addition, some salmon plates with relatively more affordable prices, such as the Montblanc Heritage series watches and the NOMOSTetra series eyes, are good choices to replace the “sky-high price salmon” in the auction house.

What is a sandwich? ——Dial sandwich structure


“Sandwich Dial” refers to the sandwich structure of the dial.

What’s in it?

Panerai First Generation Aluminum Sandwich Dial

Let’s take Panerai’s early sandwich dial as an example: the dial comprises three parts. The top layer is drilled and engraved with numbers and time scales. Put in the glow-in-the-dark substance, and place a plexiglass disc to protect the luminescent coating better. This gave birth to the so-called “sandwich” dials.

The most important reason for adopting the sandwich structure is that the dial can hold a large number of luminous substances and can better gather them together so that the light produced by the dial at night is brighter and more durable. Fake watches for sale.

Longines 13ZN Chronograph

Like the salmon dial, the sandwich dial is not a new vocabulary. As early as 1936, Longines launched a 13ZN clock, and the design of the dial was very similar to the sandwich dial.

After that, Panerai raised the sandwich dial to a whole new level of complexity. Compared with the early three-layer structure, most of the current sandwich dials have a two-layer system consisting of two overlapping sheets. The time scale is still engraved, the lower disc has a time scale gravure, and the gravure is filled with luminous material.

The noon position in the left picture is a hollow design, and the noon position in the right image is filled with luminous material
In addition, there is another form of this sandwich dial, let’s call it the “Sausage Dials,” its principle is the same as the sandwich dial; the difference is that the luminous material on the lower disc will be hollowed out from the upper layer The place bulged out.

Many “signs” in the watch world are inseparable from the dial. After all, as the “facade” of a watch, watchmakers will always put a lot of effort into the dial.

Model: 16710COKE
Dial Color: Black Dial
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Band Width: 20mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex

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