Are Luxury Watches An “IQ Tax”? Is There Any “Value For Money”? Replica Watches

“IQ tax” refers to the lack of judgment when buying things, which is a manifestation of low IQ, and the wasted money is considered to have paid the low IQ tax. The term “IQ tax” is trendy now, and many things are considered “IQ tax.”

Rolex red letter sea-dweller 126600

I saw someone asking whether luxury goods are an IQ tax. Are luxury watches an IQ tax? To put it bluntly, they think that buying luxury goods and watches is a waste of money, not worth it, and a waste of money. Some people refute this based on the craftsmanship of famous watches and the fact that wearing your favorite looks can expand your network of contacts. This question is fascinating, and I want to use it to say something practical.

Breitling Preya B01

Famous watches are not an IQ tax because everyone loves beauty.

Heart of beauty in everyone. People pursue beautiful things. Some people say that luxury watches are men’s jewelry, and they are right. However, jewelry brands such as Cartier, Bulgari, and Tiffany have various men’s bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. But the most common ornaments a man wears are rings (wedding rings) and luxury watches (bracelets and necklaces are still a minority). For all kinds of famous replica watches, some work hard on the appearance design, and some focus on the movement and polishing. Whether it is the appearance or the activity, they are all for pursuing beauty—the more exquisite the watch, the higher the price. As one of the few “ornaments” a man has, a famous watch can make his wrist unobtrusive, more beautiful, and individual (in addition, he can check the time, by the way). Whether wearing a famous watch, carrying a bag, or wearing luxury brand clothes, everyone wants to look better.

Omega Manual Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8

A famous watch is just a “toy.”

Some people think luxury watches are an “IQ tax” because luxury watches are useless and intelligent, and electronic watches “kill” mechanical watches. That’s right; a famous watch is futile; it’s just a “toy.” Children play with toy cars; adults play with actual vehicles. A performance car can have as little as 200 or 300 horsepower as much as 400 or 500. With so much excess horsepower, it is useless when driving usually and with a speed limit of 120. It is just for fun and fun. Some people like cars, some people like photography, some people like stereos, some like pipes, some like fishing, and some like raising birds and turtles. Everyone spends money to make themselves happy. Besides being beautiful, famous watches have no irreplaceable “function.” They are just expensive and beautiful “toys.” But who doesn’t have a hobby in their lifetime?

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Clown

If everything were about “useful” and “cost-effective,” Alto would have killed Audi long ago. They all have four wheels, can sit on people, run around, and go on highways. The Alto is enough; why should I buy an Audi?

Even if you are “taxed,” you are very comfortable being “taxed”.

Watch enthusiasts who often buy watches must have certain financial conditions. Otherwise, a look worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands is not something you can buy. Except for people born rich (the rich second generation), most people earn their money step by step and work hard based on their abilities. They may even have to put in more effort and hard work than ordinary people or bear more significant business and investment risks. You can buy the things you like and improve your living standards with the money you earn. Some people say that even if it is an “IQ tax,” I feel comfortable being “taxed.” I agree with this statement. Buying things and watches makes me think that the hard work at this stage is worthwhile and rewarding. At the same time, I will continue to work hard to make money for a higher goal. A lifetime of being ordinary and having enough money is enough, and a lifetime of being busy and working hard to make money depends on the choice.

When all nations erupt, the world is on fire.

But I want to say that many young people nowadays consume beyond their ability, which is very bad. Whether you buy a house, start a family, start a business, or invest in the future, it will cost a lot of money. Famous watches and luxury goods, as “icing on the cake” decorations, still need to lay a specific economic foundation before satisfying one’s preferences. Otherwise, when the time comes to use the money, if you can’t get it, you will miss a big deal.

There is no “cost-effectiveness” in luxury watches.

I once saw a conversation on a car forum that impressed me.

One person said my friend spent hundreds of thousands buying a car. I really can’t understand why he bought this car. It’s not worth it. The netizen below replied to him and said, it’s just that you can’t figure it out. They didn’t spend your money, so why should you figure it out? Buying a watch is the same thing.

Cartier key mysterious pointer

At least you can compare the performance of the cars, look at the engine, gearbox, zero-to-zero acceleration time, fuel consumption, complete lack of comfort configuration, and whether the crash results are good or bad. Famous watches are either high or low in performance, whether the appearance conforms to the aesthetics, and whether the function and movement are polished are satisfactory. Various roles are also designed to increase the watch’s elegance and complexity, and most have no practical use (the calendar is somewhat helpful). It doesn’t matter to a mechanical watch whether the time error is a few seconds faster or a few seconds slower. At the same price, whether you buy a Rolex or an Omega, an IWC or a Jaeger-LeCoultre, or a less popular brand, you may need to purchase the right one or are still buying the wrong one. As long as you buy what you like, it’s OK. It’s all about what you want. Things.

Glashütte Original 58 Observatory

Many new players will only consider the so-called brand quality and value preservation, which is necessary. When considering brand and value preservation, you can only buy a few hotly-hyped brands and swiss models replica watches, and most other watches are out of bounds. Even if you like them, no matter how much you want them, you can’t buy them. In this way, there is no fun in buying watches at all.

Lange 1 moon phase 38.5mm version

“Understanding watches” is a false proposition. Some people often say that people who know watches buy XXX or that people who buy XXX don’t understand eyes. A famous look is just a decoration. If you have enough money, you can buy what you like. What do you know and don’t know? Everyone will understand more as they believe and have their own opinions and styles as they buy. Further understanding famous watches’ knowledge and history will add more fun. You will find that various favorite looks, from Tissot and Longines to PP and VC, have exciting features.

Zenith DEFY sesame chain tourbillon

There is no “cost-effectiveness” for famous watches, so why do we still say “cost-effectiveness”?

Famous watches and luxury goods are not cost-effective. But when facing a choice, you may have to discuss “cost-effectiveness.” For example, if the Rolex 114300 and the Omega Seamaster 300-meter steel chain version are put together, they are both watches with a public price of more than 40,000 and are both very good. Some may think that the Omega Seamaster 300m is a diving watch with a ceramic ring and a 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic movement, which is more cost-effective (from another perspective, 114,300 is more cost-effective). For another example, if Patek Philippe 5170 and Lange DATO are put together, you may think that PP and Lange are top-notch, and 5170 and DATO are top-notch clocks. The price of DATO will be better, so DATO is more cost-effective (similarly, From another perspective, 5170 has more advantages).

Patek Philippe 5170P

But other watches look uncomfortable if I say I like the 114300 and 5170. Just buy it and don’t think about anything else at all. Otherwise, if you purchase something reluctantly, you must worry about repurchasing it.

  1. Some people say that luxury goods are used to widen the gap between people. This is true. But I think a person’s wealth mainly depends on working capital and investable assets (if you need a house, it will be difficult to realize it). Simply wearing a watch or luxury brand clothes will explain little.
  2. Some people think adding a price to buy a watch is an “IQ tax.” I reserve my opinion on this issue because not only luxury watches, cars, bags, and shoes; there are price increases, distribution, and bundling in many fields. This still depends on personal consumption.

Band Width: 20mm
Dial Color: Black Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Series: Sea-Dweller
Model: M126600-0002
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Case Color: Silver-tone

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