Can Discontinued Watches Be Appreciated? Replica Watches China Wholesale

Some popular watches, represented by Rolex, have been replaced by new models, and old models have been discontinued. As a result, some people say that as old models are broken and their numbers become smaller and smaller, the value of old models will increase. This question is fascinating and realistic, so let’s talk about it.

Rolex steel case five-bead chain blue and black circle and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 are two popular watches that have completed the update.

First, most discontinued old-model watches will not be appreciated.

The reason is that most watches do not comply with the iron law that rare things are more valuable. Take a closer look below.

Why are most discontinued watches not appreciated?

  1. Whether it is the primary or secondary market, most of the watches we sell on the market are mass-produced. Even after the discontinuation of production, you can still find many of the same watches. For example, the Rolex Submariner currently on sale is 116610. Now, it is straightforward to find an old model 16610. 16610 is an old model and easy to obtain, so its value will naturally be lower.

The old model Rolex has the Submariner 16610 (top), and the current model has the Submariner 116610 (bottom).

  1. Most of the watches that have been discontinued have new alternative models. Nowadays, watches are updated very quickly. On the one hand, movement technology updates rapidly, and movements are often upgraded. For example, Omega’s coaxial escapement has gone through several generations of technological upgrades from 2500 to 8500 and then to 8900. Some watches used universal movements but were later upgraded to self-produced movements. The performance is getting stronger and stronger, and the old models that have been discontinued are naturally less valuable than the new models.
  2. Watch fashion trends have changed dramatically in recent years. The most significant impact is size. Many old-model watches that were discontinued at that time were minimal in size. For example, the length of the old Rolex Airmaster 114200 is only 34 mm. The 34mm Airmaster no longer meets the current watch aesthetic, so Rolex launched a new 40mm Airmaster 116900. Size issues and incompatibility with contemporary aesthetics have resulted in the low value of many older models of watches. On the other hand, the fashion trends of watches often change. New models are more beautiful, and the craftsmanship is more complicated. Naturally, fewer people like the old models.

Rolex Air Master 114200, size 34 mm (top), and Rolex Air Master 116900, length 40 mm (bottom).

  1. Most discontinued models circulating on the market have no special significance recognized by people. For example, this watch was worn by a famous figure. For instance, it is a witness to some historical event, etc. Most of them are just regular watches.

When buying a watch, there is a saying: “Buy new, not old,” which means try to purchase new models instead of old ones (of course, this also depends on your budget and do what you can). For example, the most typical example is that all the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters are replaced with Jintuo, and the discontinued models use steel rotors. In the period when the old and the new coexist if you choose one of the two, you can use Jintuo as much as possible. Buy new models. Replica watches China wholesale.

The old Jaeger-LeCoultre movement used a steel rotor (top), and the new Jaeger-LeCoultre movement used an entire gold rotor (bottom).

Why do very few discontinued watches increase in value?

We can see that some discontinued watches have very high values in the secondary market (such as auctions, etc.). This is because these watches are rare and valuable.

  1. some discontinued Patek Philippe, Rolex, and other watches are rare. If it is an older model, there are only a handful of them that are in perfect condition.

Patek Philippe 2526 is relatively popular among antique Patek Philippe due to its size of 36 mm.

  1. These discontinued watches are in line with current aesthetics. For example, we can see that at auctions, antique watches above 36 mm are trendy. There is almost no market for small-sized watches (except for the particular case 3939).
  2. These discontinued watches have particular historical significance, especially worn by celebrities, stars, and politicians, or have unique historical and commemorative value.

The Omega worn by Elvis Presley is one of the most valuable watches in the world.

  1. These discontinued watches are still recognized and famous brands today.

Usually, only discontinued watches that meet the above points (or a few) are likely to continue to appreciate in the future. Judging from the watches currently circulating in the market, Rolex Rainbow Di (first and second generation), Patek Philippe enamel watches (5131, 5077, etc.), and some Lange limited edition watches (luminous owl, etc.) are all of very high value. The reason is that the brand is recognized, the watch is beautiful, and many people like it, but the number is rare. For example, a batch of commemorative watches was released for the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe, the 40th anniversary of Nautilus, and the steel case 5522A. These watches have special significance, and after they are released, they will no longer be produced, and there will be no follow-up models. Therefore, after the discontinuation of production, they will continue to appreciate. Potential. However, conventional mass-produced watches generally have little potential (basically the scarcity of things that make them more expensive, not the high public price of the watch. Some exceptional Swatch watches have also been appreciated). Patek philippe replica.

Patek Philippe 5131 Enamel World Time

Lange limited edition owl LUMINOUS PLATINUM

Many unique Swatch models are also continuing to be appreciated.

Finally, I want to talk about a phenomenon. Some popular watches continue to rise over time. It is profitable for popular tables to enter low and rise high in the short term. From a business perspective, you can profit by operating needles, threads, and watches. From the standpoint of playing with watches, be happy no matter what kind of watch you are capable of. Don’t overthink about anything else.

Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Band Width: 20mm
Gender: Men’s
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Model: m126710blnr-0003
Case Color: Silver-tone

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