Climbing A Mountain Tiger? This Is “Thunderbird”Cheap Replica Watches

“Datejust” Ref.16264, some people like to be called climbing tiger, indeed the first model of “Datejust Turn-O-GRAPH” (commonly known as mountain climbing tiger), which is also understandable. But it does not have the font of “Turn-O-Graph” on the dial, so Xiaobian prefers its other name, “Thunderbirds” (commonly known as Thunderbird).

It is called “Thunderbird” because it is specially ordered as the retired commemorative model of the “Thunderbird” captain of the US Air Force Flight Performing Team. The US Air Force “Thunderbird” flight performance team is a stunt flight performance team established in 1953. The performance team mainly uses jet fighters to perform various stunt flight performances. It is one of the best teams in the world flight performance team.

This model has gone through five generations, and the one introduced today is the fifth generation and the final model. In turn, Ref.6309, 1958 Ref.6609, 1962 Ref.1625, 1977 Ref.16250, and 1988 Ref.16264. It wasn’t until the new model “climbing tiger” appeared in 2004 that it ended. After about 50 years, although it fades out of people’s attention, it is also one of the rare collections.

Compared with the previous, the fake watches movement was replaced with CAL.3135, and the mirror was replaced with sapphire, which improved the waterproof performance and added gold style, five baht chains, etc., expanding the selectivity. For example: From a quadriceps to an octagonal diamond in 1995, from 1999, from luminous to “Luminova” brilliant. Any more is a diverse dial, which is also worth noting.

The most important feature of “Thunderbird” is that it is equipped with a bezel that can be rotated like a sports model, and the material of 18K gold creates its unique beauty. I heard that the earliest model wrote “Turn-O-Graph” in the dial. It used to be the predecessor of the diving cheap replica watches. Unfortunately, there was no new model in the future, and it was gone afterward. Nowadays, there are few figures in the second-hand market.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Yacht-Master
Model: 116622
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 40 MM
Case_material: Platinum & Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel
Dial_type: Silver Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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