Federer: A Man Who Regrets Rolex Replica Watches Review

41 -year -old Federer won 103 singles champions in his career, including 20 Grand Slam champions (Australian Open 6, French Open 1, Wimbledon 8, and US Open 5). Wimbledon and the US Open have completed Five consecutive crowns.

Federer has ranked first in the world for 237 weeks, ranking first in the men’s singles in 310 weeks. For cousins, he also has an essential identity: the official spokesperson for Rolex. Even in the photos released at the time of retirement this time, Federer was wearing a piece of Rolex Di Tong with a meteorite panda plate Ref.116509-0073, which was highly recognizable.

In addition to Di Tong, the most advertising effect in Rolex worn by Federer was the blue-faced Skydweller Ref. 326934.

As Rolex’s most complicated watch, it has the annual calendar + GMT function and adjusts it by rotating the dog’s tooth ring. Therefore, the watch’s size is relatively thick, and the sales of eyes in the same series are not high. After Federer brought the goods, the blue-faced steel model had a super public price, which was challenging to find.

As an official spokesperson, Federer can get new replica watches review every year. The cooperation between the two is very close, but there is still an episode behind this.

In the late 1970s, Rolex began to support outstanding tennis players and events. Federer, who won the Wimbledon Youth Championship in 1998, entered Rolex’s attention. The two began to have some contacts and established a small-scale cooperative relationship in 2001.

But at that time, Federer’s results were not particularly prominent, and the advertising costs given by Rolex naturally were low. So in 2004, Federer signed a five-year contract with another watch brand Emmy, becoming an Emmy spokesperson.

In 2006, Federer’s combat effectiveness was bursting, the best season in his career. This also made Rolex, who had left previously, regret it, so he retrieved Federer and asked him to terminate the contract directly. Of course, this cancellation fee must be paid by Rolex and comes with a new endorsement of 10 million US dollars.

Federer is a man who regrets Rolex. You cared about me then and later spent a million for me. After the expiration of 2016, Federer has soared, has risen to $ 8 million per year.

However, this is still a good cooperation for Rolex. Compared with other objects, Federer has the most significant innate advantage: he is Swiss. He is not only an excellent athlete but also a national spokesperson. This “small” state-owned had more international exposure, and even the swiss replica watches Federal Mint later made gold and silver commemorative coins for Federer.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Sky-Dweller
Model: 326938
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 42 MM
Case_material: Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material: Yellow Gold (Oyster)
Dial_type: Champagne Arabic
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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