Elegant Gentleman’s Choice Rolex Greenwich 116713 Watch Replicas

Men always have a deep love and curiosity for machinery. They must like the sense of control of the car when they want to drive. They can control the direction and speed when sitting in the driver’s seat. The watch replicas is a unique mechanical item, concentrating the combination of various parts. The appearance of Powerful can match the masculinity of men. Now Jianrong Heku recommends a man’s watch of about 100000 yuan.

Rolex Greenwich series front display

In 1982, Rolex launched the Greenwich model, equipped with an hour clock that can be adjusted in one hour, making it easier to operate. This design ensures that the watch’s timing function will continue to work without any impact when the clock is adjusted.

Rolex Greenwich Series 116713

For those who travel for a long time, people can check the local time from the main needle, and the watch replicas can know the departure time from the 24-hour outer circle, which is very convenient. The dial adopts a classic design without too much decoration, and two-minute hands allow you to read the time in two places simultaneously.

Details of Rolex Greenwich bezel

The outer ring of the watch replicas is often damaged by factors such as sunlight, water, or complex objects. For this reason, Rolex created a unique outer ring with a Cerachrom word ring made of hard ceramic materials and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Rolex Greenwich watch replicas chain design

The watch replicas chain is also unique. The patent Easylink extension system invented by replica rolex watches can expand the chain by 5mm with simple folding, making it more comfortable to wear.

Rolex Greenwich back display

The design fashion of this Jian Jin implies a little low-key. Each Rolex watch’s elegant and classic temperament is also achieved by the brand’s spirit of continuous innovation and ongoing progress.


Range:GMT Master II
Model:116713 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Steel & Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Steel & Yellow Gold (OysterLock)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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