Wear A Black Water Ghost Fake Rolex Watch That Won’t Regret

Still, remember 12 years, the expected Rolex(Rolex) underwater series 114060 came out, the fake Rolex watch set several advantages in a suit, let Xiaobian take you into the world of Rolex, explore no calendar black water ghost of 114060.
Rolex Submariner 114060
Speaking of 114060, I have to mention its predecessor, 14060M.
About 14060M, Quote a comment by Mingbiaotong netizen zzz: “The 14060M was an upgrade of ref.14060 from 2001 to 2011. The main change is that the movement was changed from cal.3000 to cal.3130. The 14060M has always been a two line face plate from 2001 to 2007, lacking the official super observatory, which is the lowest level configuration of the sports money. However, it is said that the 3130 used by the 14060M is no different from the 3130 used by other observatories. Many actual users report that this movement is more than most observatories The movement should also be accurate. ” The specific difference between it and 114060 is as follows.
Six changes from 114060 to 14060M:
114060 vs. 14060M
1. Outer ring material: 114060 uses Cerachrom ceramic fake Rolex watch ring, and the outer ring process of carving and filling platinum makes the overall visual effect more glittering and luxurious. Its impact and friction resistance are more substantial than in previous versions. Under this outer ring, there is a more smooth sliding gear design, which makes the user feel softer.
2. Dial design: The pointer and scale have continued the specifications of the larger version so that users can observe the time.
3. Change of watch case: not only is the fake Rolex watch case larger than before, but the watch ear’s curve has also changed. The ear tip is not as sharp as the previous version but has become a dull round decoration.
4. Change of crown shoulder protection: the new shoulder protection is broader and more robust than before and is more powerful and upscale visually.
5. Band change: The strapping head is improved into a solid design, which is firm and makes the clip with the strap not leave any indentation behind the ear due to long-term use. The belt itself not only becomes solid but also has a more comfortable feel than before. In addition, the front side is treated as brushed and polished, and the side edge is treated as mirror polished, which shows the luxury beyond the sports style. The advanced simple expansion device installed on the watchband buckle is a considerate service for those willing to dive.
6. Parachrom hairspring: 114060 uses the Parachrom hairspring on the 3130 movements. The hairspring is made of a unique paramagnetic alloy, which is not affected by the magnetic field, and its seismic resistance is ten times stronger than the general hairspring.
114060 has a surface diameter of 40mm, which is moderate for Asian wrists. As a sports-style fake Rolex watch, it can consider for formal occasions. 114060 adopts 904L steel. The alloy content (chromium, nickel, molybdenum) of 904L steel is more than 1.6 times that of 316L steel, and 904L steel contains a certain amount of copper, which makes it have good resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion.
The watch band and case are not treated as simple diagonal wiredrawing but longitudinal frosted wiredrawing. It reflects different luster under different light, which is very textured. The fake Rolex watch ring is made of Cerachrom ceramics, which not only have strong hardness and wear resistance but also have a warm touch, reminding me of the radar advertisement, “Never wear”. The strap is more closely connected, which makes up for the “Hua Hua” noise caused by the loose connection of the 14060M. Rolex Glidelock adjustable chain link can meet the adjustment of chain length without dismantling the strap. The triple lock crown is a Rolex patent, which maximizes the waterproof performance of the watch.
Compared with the old version, the main change of the new version 3130 is the use of Parachrom hairspring. The edge of the latest version 3130 plywood can be seen with fine oblique line grinding and chamfer mirror surface grinding of each set screw.
In the image above, we can see Rolex’s unique red upper chain gear. Don’t underestimate. Don’t underestimate it. Most of Rolex’s stability, durability, and accuracy benefit from it. It is made of Teflon material and can lubricate itself. Even if it has not been washed for many years, it can operate freely! The three precious stone bearings on the automatic system clamp plate have also been polished with fine oil storage grooves.
The close-up of the cycloid splint above can be seen in comparison to the main movements of the latter two generations of the Rolex replicas for sale, the 1570 and 3035, the bridge-shaped cycloidal splint has been changed. The advantage is that it is fixed at two points and has better balance and stability! The hairspring is also a two-layer hairspring used by the top-level movement, which is wound up without jamming and adjusted quickly and slowly through the cycloidal pin. 114060 uses Parachrom hairspring on the 3130 trends. The hairspring is made of a unique paramagnetic alloy and is not affected by a magnetic field. Its seismic resistance is ten times stronger than that of ordinary hairspring. The hairspring clamp is of fixed structure and has been finely brushed and polished! If all the machine parts are disassembled, you can also see that both sides of the main splint are decorated with neat pearl patterns, and the spring wheel is polished beautifully!

If PP’s manifesto is, “No one really owns a Patek Philippe, you just keep it for the next generation.” I think Rolex’s statement could be: “Everyone should have a Rolex, and one is enough.” The Rolex 114060 has internal and external modifications, so we chose it unwaveringly.

Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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