Fake Designer Watches Rolex Expeditions I After The 1990s

Rolex Explorer ⅠRef. 114270 was announced in 2010 and was discontinued. At this point, the 36mm case explorer completely withdrew from the stage of history. Followed by the new generation of explorers Ⅰref. 214270 with a 39mm case. At that time, it was considered to subvert everyone’s impression of the explorer Ⅰ. Update: the case size is also aligned with other sports funds.

The specific changes are as follows:

  • Movement: From 3130 to 3132, it uses Blue Silk and the latest earthquake-resistant device.
  • C case: From 36mm to 39mm, an increase of 3mm, as close to other men’s sports models.
  • Dial: There is no white line in the middle of the 369 scales, and the luminous coatings have also changed from Luminova to the long-acting blue light Christight. In addition, the 369-hour scale also added brilliant layers in 2016. In the knowledge of the clip, the buckle’s inside has changed from scrub work to mirror polishing in the same year, but these changes will be insignificant.
  • Nepent: The middle part of the table has changed from hollow to solid, and the style of the buckle has become easier to operate.

Ref.214270 was discontinued in 2020. Surprisingly, the following style returned to the size of the 36mm case. As the only 39mm case REF.214270, the only 39mm case of the explorer will attract much attention in the future.

The new explorer Ⅰ is Ref.124270, which is different from usual. There is more gold reF.124273, which increases the scope of the style. The new model is not only a significant change in appearance. The internal movement has also been replaced with the latest 3230 campaign, which significantly improves the overall performance of the fake designer watches. The width of the bracelet is smaller than the old 36mm. It feels a little compact to get started. Therefore, it feels that female friends can also control them. When they were first released, they could be described as a topic.

Explorer Ⅰ, an entry-level sports Rolex, has long-lasting popularity regardless of the new or old swiss models. I don’t know if you like Explorer Ⅰ.

  • Model: m214270-0003
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Series: Explorer
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Case Thickness: 15mm

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