The “King Of Fashion” In Fake Rolex Cheap

Since 2019, after the complete discontinuation of monochrome bezel GMT, Rolex Greenwich GMT has been selling models, all of which are two-color bezels. Including red and blue circles (Coke Circle), blue and black circles (Inter Milan Circle/Batman), black and green circles (Sprite Circle), and black and brown circles (Shars Circle).

Rolex Greenwich GMT “Saxophone Circle”

If it is said that steel labor will appear relatively “plain,” then the two-color circle Greenwich GMT is a “wonderful flower” (here is a commendatory term) in steel labor. The two-color bezel dramatically adds to the color of the steel labor. Not only is it highly recognizable, but it can also be recognized at a glance by the color, and it is full of “fashion sense.” It is the fashion king of Rolex. The two-tone GMT is my favorite style among the fake Rolex cheap watches on sale.

Rolex Greenwich GMT “Saxophone Circle”

The Rolex Greenwich GMT currently on sale, with gold, only retains two types of platinum and rose gold. Platinum is used on the red and blue Coke rings, and rose gold is used on the black and brown root beer rings. And the only inter-gold watch is the rose gold inter-gold Sandras ring. The two-tone bezel is very stylish, and the rose gold inter-gold adds a sense of luxury.

Rolex “Sars Circle” all gold, inter-gold models.

The predecessor of Rolex’s “sarshine circle” can be traced back to 60 years ago.

Since the birth of the Greenwich GMT series in the 1950s, Rolex has launched a two-color circle (model 6542). The original two-color color matching, in addition to red, blue, red, and black, brown color matching is also the first to appear. But the brown color matching in history is not the same now. It is either a brown single-color bezel or a golden-brown double-color.

16753 in the history of Rolex, the golden brown circle.

The brown color on Greenwich GMT has two nicknames in foreign countries; one is “root beer” (root beer) because the brown color is very similar to the root beer color, hence the name. The other is the “breastplate” (NIPPLE DIAL) because it is part of the brown Greenwich GMT, which uses dot hour markers with raised gold edges, which looks like a chest, hence the name.

16753 in the history of Rolex, brown circle.

Rolex “breast plate” hour markers.

In antique Rolex, whether a single brown GMT or a golden brown two-color GMT, it will be called “root beer.” Brown Greenwich GMT lasted from 6542, 1675, and 16753 until the 1980s. After that, it slowly disappeared. Until 2018, the Rolex black and brown two-color ceramic ring returned from the rivers and lakes. According to our habits, it is commonly known as the second-generation root beer in foreign countries and is widely known as the “sarsaparous circle” in China.

Rolex Greenwich GMT “Saxophone Circle”

Rolex “Sargass ring” is the only gold GMT.

The new Greenwich GMT “Saxophone Circle” continues the brown color matching in Rolex history. But we can see that the black and brown two-colors used in selling the “Shashi circle” differ from the antique models. The Rolex Greenwich GMT two-color ring has been replaced with a ceramic one. Among them, the brown ceramic part of the “Shashi circle” is the latest color of Rolex, such as red, blue, and green. These colored ceramics all appeared before brown. Rolex’s ceramic rings are all polished, and Rolex’s brown ceramics are reddish under light, which is very eye-catching.

Black and brown two-tone ceramic ring for root beer ring.

Rolex matched rose gold to the “Shakespeare Ring.” The 24-hour numbers and dot scales on the black and brown ceramic ring are all filled with rose gold. But it should be noted that the rose gold on the bezel is PVD-plated, so if there is a bump and the rose gold number is scratched, the gold-plated layer will be scratched off, exposing the bottom layer. I had a golden blue before, and the gold-plated numbers were crossed; everyone should pay attention to protection.

The numbers on the ceramic ring are PVD-plated rose gold.

To match the brown bezel, the hour hand, minute hand, second hand, dual-time hand, and dot hour markers on the watch’s dial are all rose gold. Comparing the white gold pointers of the red and blue Coke circle and the blue and black Inter Milan circle, although they are all gold, the rose gold can be seen as a gold needle at a glance. The luxury is visible to the naked eye with the rose gold bezel and crown. The GMT MASTER II English on the disk is also painted rose gold.

The hands and hour markers of the Rolex “Saxophone Circle” are all rose gold.

The Greenwich GMT’ Saurus Circle’ case is the same as other sports replica watches, Oyster case, 40 mm. What is unique about Rolex is that the sides of the sports watches of other famous watch brands are brushed, and the matte brush can make the scratches less noticeable. Only Rolex sports watches (including Tudor) have polished sides and crown shoulder guards. The shiny side of the case adds reflections, making the eye look bright when viewed from the side. The Rolex Greenwich GMT is water-resistant to 100 meters.

The side of the Rolex case is also polished.

The Rolex Greenwich GMT currently on sale can be equipped with oysters and five-bead chains. There are two types of bracelets for the Coke Circle, Sprite Circle and Inter Milan Circle, but the Sars Circle can only be equipped with an Oyster chain. Three links, the middle link is 18K rose gold and polished, and the two side links are brushed steel chains with Oyster buckles.

Rolex “Sauce Ring” with Oyster chain and Oyster clasp.

As for the movement, everyone is familiar with it. The Greenwich GMT on sale has all been replaced with Rolex’s new generation 32 series automatic movement, specifically 3285 (if there is a small crown logo at 6 o’clock on the dial, the 32 series movement is used. ). 32 series movement, 70 hours of power, continue to use Rolex blue niobium hairspring, new Chronergy escapement, non-caliber weight fine-tuning balance wheel, swing frequency 28800 times/hour, certified by Rolex Super Observatory, daily error +2/-2 Second. Rolex is not transparent, but the movement’s decoration is in place. The exposed gem bearings have gold sleeves. The invisible parts of the lower plywood of the action will be polished. The decoration of the movement is one of the best in its class.

The 32-series 3285 automatic movements are used by Rolex, “Shashi circle.”

The small crown at 6 o’clock on the dial symbolizes using the new generation 32 movement.

Although some players still doubt the new 32 movements, they think the old 31 is better. But from my experience with all 32-caliber Rolexes, they are OK, and I have never encountered a colossal error. Even if the individual 32-caliber Rolex exceeds the +2/-2 standard, it does not exceed much.

Rolex Greenwich GMT “Saxophone Circle”

The price of Rolex has dropped, but Greenwich GMT is still above the public cost.

Over the past period, the overall market of Rolex has continued to decline, and many styles have dropped to the public price or even below the general price. But Greenwich GMT is a popular model, no matter what color it is, it is still super expensive. The SARS circle has an available cost of 118,800, which is relatively small compared to Coke, Sprite, and Inter Milan.

Rolex Greenwich GMT, the four two-color rings on sale are all fashionable.

Regarding super public prices, excellent general prices and distribution are prevalent in famous watches and luxury goods. It is unrealistic that you should only buy something within the public expenditure and distribution. My point of view is to do what you can according to your situation and not to burden yourself.

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Series: Gmt Master Ii
  • Model: m126710blro-0002
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Gender: Men’s

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