Have You Ever Seen Such A Rolex Daytona? Rolex Replica Watches

With the development of mechanical watches, they are no longer straightforward timekeeping or fashion items. Various watch models and cross-border joint names strengthen the value and spiritual symbol of the eyes. For example, the current sports watches are no longer limited to professional equipment specially made for a particular sport. They can be a symbol of sports spirit. They can be worn on little marks and on work and social occasions. Surface.

Well-known watch factories such as Casio, Blancpain, and Rolex have famous sports series watches, and what the author wants to share today is another watch field, which is watch modification. Many whimsical and exciting designs, including sports watches, can be realized in watch modifications full of personality.

Abu Dhabi Circuit

AET REMOULD is a watch modification design brand from Germany. They integrated the Abu Dhabi track of the F1 racing championship into the classic Rolex Daytona watch, presenting a unique watch design, and the ingenious application of Abu Dhabi blue is exactly their design—a place of admiration. Rolex replica watches.

Unlike others simply depicting the track on the dial, AET REMOULD’s Abu Dhabi watch uses the iconic blue color of the way to highlight the sense of speed of the sports watch. They applied Abu Dhabi blue to the digital scale on the bezel, the three-eye chronograph circle, and the edge circle on the dial, which looks pure and energetic. The design of the three-eye chronograph circle also echoes the racing car’s dashboard. , as if a complete sense of racing is coming. Swiss replica watches.

The design of such a sports watch is very individual. If you are an F1 fan, you can understand the designer’s intention at a glance. The designer of AET REMOULD uses the classic Abu Dhabi blue color to show the spirit of motorsports. It abandons the complicated racing watch design and keeps it simple. Shockingly, the design concept is conveyed efficiently.

Some people like those complex and rich-looking watch designs, and some people prefer the design concept of AET REMOULD. So which design style do you like?

Dial Color: White Dial
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116520-WSO
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Case Thickness: 16mm
Series: Daytona

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