How To Choose A Classic Best Fake Rolex Rolex Log Watch?

The Rolex DATE log series watch, born in 1945, has gone through 77 years of history. It is not only the existence with the most significant production and sales volume in the Rolex family but also the first Rolex watch bought by many people. On the one hand, it contributes more than 60% of Rolex’s sales every year, which is the fundamental foundation of Rolex’s crown.

On the other hand, it is a watch with a wide range of categories. You can find at least 200 types of log watches on the official website of Rolex. Choose the diary that suits you best.

All best fake Rolex log series watches are designed with a dense bottom, and spanning the past 40 years, they are nothing more than two movements of 3135 and 3235. Choosing a diary is straightforward: choosing from places you can see and touch. First, the most important thing is the choice of material because this directly determines the final watch purchase budget you must pay.

High-end replica watches review are an absolute luxury. The price difference between stainless steel and K gold is astonishing. If you change a gold case, the watch is twice as expensive, and if you change it to an all-gold strap, the watch is twice as expensive. From the perspective of affordability, the steel model is enough; after all, the interior is the same, but from the standpoint of temperament and collocation, my suggestion is that those younger than me choose the steel model boldly and older than me choose Jian Jin This style can reflect the aura of a middle-aged person.

The next thing that needs to be determined is the bezel and strap; this is also the most prominent feature of the watch. According to the budget and the size of the wrist, for small wrists and girls, choosing a five-bead chain with a dog ring can bring out the elegance of a diary to the extreme. If you buy a log because you can’t buy a sports model, dog rings and apertures with plate chains are also acceptable options.

The thicker the wrist circumference, the higher the fit of the plate chain you choose. There are also more shining and luxurious options, like the diamond-set version. You can also bring it, which is called the Pearl Lady series.

The next step is to choose the dial. This step is crucial. It is more complex than choosing a color. After all, no one is more ruthless than Rolex when playing with dials. Therefore, before you select a log, you’d better understand it first. How many different dial types does Rolex’s log series have? The essential discs are mainly divided into these categories: radial sun patterns, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, sparkling discs that have become more popular in the past two years, leek leaf discs, etc.

Generally speaking, the diversity of the dials of the journal series is basically a fuss about the processing technology of the dials. Of course, the style of the disk is one aspect, and choosing the color of the disk is also very important. My suggestion for selecting the color of the disk is as follows: if you are a boy, conservative tones, black and blue, are correct, and you want some unique colors. For example, green may need to pay extra prices in the market.

As for girls, you can choose the color of the disk according to your mood. You can choose from various colors, except for a coffee-colored disk with higher skin color requirements. Usually this color is commonly known as a chocolate-colored disk.

When boys choose inter-gold models, they only need to remember: what kind of inter-gold material to use; select the corresponding disk color, and you will never go wrong. For example, a 36mm five-bead chain with a dog tooth ring and a black dial requires no extra fancy. This is a classic steel option that can be worn to the old.

Girls choose the all-steel model. I suggest that part of the budget be reserved for the diamond-set bezel. For example, the watch in my hand is set with a circle of diamonds, with a mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-engraved hour markers. Although it is a steel watch, it can bring out the style of a gold watch after watching these things.

As for the inter-gold models, men over middle age can choose diamonds and engravings. This is how gold and diamonds come. And if you are younger and want to buy an inter-gold model, you can select a unique dial. For example, this water-rippled disc has an inter-gold temperament and a stylish design when worn on your hand.

When choosing an inter-gold women’s watch, the color of the dial can be selected according to age. Older ladies can choose the same inter-gold color as the strap, matching gold and diamonds, which is absolutely in place. And if you are relatively younger, you can choose some bright colors, such as this emerald green with gold, which is also fashionable and attractive.

Band Length: 18cm
Model: 118346
Series: Day-Date
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: Silver Dial
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Silver-tone

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