Imitation Rolex Red Letter Sea Maker 126600

There are diving watches with higher specifications than SUBMARINER in imitation rolex. This upgraded diving watch is called SEA-DWELLER, which means the residents of the sea. The side of the case is equipped with a specially designed “helium exhaust valve,” which automatically exhausts helium during saturation diving. Gas.

Its earliest words can be traced back to the 1950s. It launched the first-generation sea-dweller Ref.1665, which has a water resistance of more than 600 meters. The performance was about three times that of the Submariner at that time, and it was equipped with a “helium exhaust valve,” which used a dome-shaped plastic mirror to disperse the power of water pressure. It was the only model at that time without a calendar magnification function. It was engraved with a patented trademark [ROLEX PATENT OYSTER GAS ESCAPE VALVE]. It has been used until now but has been adjusted and changed to the current design.

Because the SEA-DWELLER on the dial of the initial production is in red font, it is also called the red letter sea ambassador. The current model inherits the previous single red letter, and a calendar magnifying glass is added to the watch mirror. Initially, it was not added because deep water work is easy to break and poses a safety hazard. It’s just that the people it’s targeting now are not limited to professional divers. It can be said that it changes with the times. After all, in 2019, it also launched Ref.126603. In contrast, another deep-diving Deepsea still works hard to advance to the deep sea.

There is another interesting point. The 2017 model that Ref.126600 was first produced has no crown mark at 6 o’clock. Although the crown was added later, the premium is more evident in the former. The reason is also that no Crowns (Mk1) are available in small quantities, and rarer is more expensive (premium). The same is true of its previous model. The old Ref.116600 was re-produced in 2014, but the market response needed to be stronger, and it was discontinued in only about three years. However, after the production was finished, it became a popular style because of the short production year. I planted flowers deliberately, but they did not bloom, and I planted willows unintentionally.

In addition, the antique swiss models of this series also have very rare Red Seed (red letter sea ambassador), Rail Dial (referring to the dial with astronomical clock symbol, among which the letters “SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER” (up), and “OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED” (down) The spaces are aligned at the top and bottom) and rare vintages such as COMEX (the largest diving-specialized company born in 1961) are pushed up the market.

No Crown (Mk1)

Gender: Men’s
Series: Sea-Dweller
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Width: 20mm
Model: m126603-0001
Case Color: Gold-tone
Brand: Rolex
Band Color: Gold-tone
Band Length: 19cm

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