Is Best Fake Rolex “Kindy” Not Enough? Then Add Diamonds

Today, I want to talk about a watch you are familiar with, often seen on the Internet but not very common in real life, best fake Rolex Daytona 116515 rose gold, tape, and strip drill.
Rolex Daytona 116515 tape strip drill
Although I often buy watches, but mainly at the public price of tens of thousands to tens of thousands of replica Rolex watches. This price range is also the “range” of most players. I’m an average gamer, just like everyone else. For the watches with high public prices, only in the right opportunity, meet the right price can you get a play, such as this 116515.
Rolex Daytona 116515 tape strip drill
The thickness of the best fake Rolex Dittona, in an automatic chronograph, is relatively thin.
I have been in contact with many Rolex Daytona, from the 116500 steel shell and the 116503 gold to the 116515 gold diamond; the first time I got the complete gold Daytona. In my mind, Kindy is already a very high-end sports watch. Some players might say RICHARD MILLE has millions; Nautilus has 400,000, 500,000; what’s Kindy? Indeed, the Kindy of duct tape, with a price of more than 200,000, is cheaper than RM and Nautilus. But for an average gamer like me, it’s a great watch.
Rolex Steel Daytona 116500
The Rolex 116515 was introduced in 2011. As you know, best fake Rolex popularized the new technology, starting with the precious metal model and then slowly spreading to the steel watch. So 116515 was also one of the earliest Ditonas to use ceramic rings, before the 116500 steel Di today. 116515 is a rose gold case. Rolex’s rose gold is called Eternal Rose gold, which doesn’t fade quickly. Like the regular Dittona, the 116515 is 40mm and uses a ceramic ring, which makes no difference.
Rolex Daytona 116515, mind you, this is just undrilled
But it’s important to note that 116515 initially came with a belt in addition to the gold chain. Then, in 2017, best fake Rolex introduced the Oysterflex rubber band, fitted with gold shell Dittona (gold, Rose Gold, platinum). Since then, Oysterflex tape has replaced the crocodile strap, matching the Dittona sport. You can also use the band to determine whether the watch is pre-2017 or post-2017.
After 2017, Dittona 116515 replaced the alligator belt with the new Oysterflex tape
I think the Oysterflex rubber band from best fake Rolex is fantastic. It’s different from all the other good watches I’ve used with tape. Rolex Oysterflex rubber comes with two features:
1. Rolex Oysterflex tape is metal, although we call it to tape the inside of the watch band. According to best fake Rolex, the inside of the watch band is a super elastic piece of metal, which I remember being interpreted as titanium. The exterior is then wrapped in rubber. So it looks like duct tape, but it’s not duct tape.
The Rolex 116515 uses Oysterflex tape and uses a gold folding buckle. You can see the 750, dog head, and scale on the hook, indicating that it is solid gold.
2. On the inside of the best fake Rolex Oysterflex tape are two protruding “spacers”. “Gasket” out of the bulge, this is the other mainstream watch tape are not. General video, due to the radian problem, the position on both sides of the wrist often can not fit the wrist, watchband will “edge”. But Rolex has this “gasket”; it is convenient, with two “gasket” protrusions, can fill the original watchband “edge” part, “gasket” and wrist fit, thief easy to use.
You can see the inside of the Rolex Oysterflex rubber belt with “gaskets”. Regular tape, you don’t have this.
So, the 116515 rose gold case, it’s a little heavier than the steel case, but it’s comfortable with this Oysterflex tape. The word “practical” is the “core idea” of Rolex throughout, and it is straightforward to wear.
The best fake Rolex DitonA 116515 comes in several color schemes, including black, brown, white, and champagne. It’s just champagne. Unlike the regular 116515, I drilled it using a strip diamond time scale. As you all know, Rolex diamond engraving, the most common, is the “bag diamond”. Under the diamond, there is a square base, which encloses the diamond. But in recent years, Rolex has widely used strip diamonds, in which a “rectangular” diamond is set directly on the disc. High-end models like Rolex, the DD Calendar, and Dittona all come with a strip drill.
Rolex Daytona 116515 strip drill time scale
Rolex 228238 strip drill time scale
Bar drill time mark, in the folk commonly known as “T drill” (is short for bar drill). Strip drill, larger size, more conspicuous, authoritative, a higher value. The diamond on the famous watch diamond is more significant than the whole, the value is higher, and the value of the broken diamond is relatively low. For example, some watches have a ring of small broken diamonds, but the matter is not so high. Because of the rectangular diamond, a piece of rock candy, the folk are also known as “rock candy”—116515 gold watch itself, very conspicuous, very flashy. Light comes in with a T drill on the disk; the whole watch is luxurious and dazzling.
Rolex Daytona 116515 strip drill time scale
Rolex Daytona 116515 is still a 4130 auto-timing movement. You are all familiar with it, So today, I want to say a few more words about the polishing of Rolex movements. Through my experience in playing with the watch and seeing and hearing, I can note that although best fake Rolex is not transparent, Rolex movement grinding is very conscious.
The 4130 automatic timing movement is used in the Rolex Daytona
I use “conscience” to describe because even if the bottom is not clear, we can not see the movement, but best fake Rolex movement does it; upper plywood, lower plywood, sign visible place, and the invisible area has a grinding decoration. And now, many watches movement are “simplified” polishing decoration. A lot of positioning and Rolex, the same watch, move through the bottom, but in the direction of the lower plywood, only a few places have grinding; there is more what grinding is not. Open the action; in addition to the upper grinding, other parts are “empty” state, far less than Rolex.
Rolex 4130 movement disassembled
Objectively speaking, Di Tong 4130 movement, in addition to the lower splint, travel gear train below the existence of no fish scale pattern decoration; most other places, including the spring box below, are polished. We do not say, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, this level of comparison, best fake Rolex in the same level of watches, is one of the most outstanding movement decorations.
Rolex 3135 movement disassembled
As anyone who has ever played Rolex, I think you will experience that best fake Rolex is four words: practical, easy to wear. However, Rolex has no outstanding features, such as complex functions, ultra-thin, hollow, artistic craft, etc. Rolex is the size, thickness ratio, practical functions (movement function, waterproof and antimagnetic), adjustable watchband buckle, etc., directly and wear the appropriate place to do very well, let a person feel excellent to wear. At the same time, on this basis, it will upgrade the watch to the extreme luxury level (such as rainbow Di) through precious metals, diamonds, and gems. Rolex is that “simple”.

Model:116515 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Rose Gold
Bracelet_material:Alligator – Black
Dial_type:Chocolate Arabic
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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