Replica Rolex Platinum President Watch: Ice Blue Classic Plain

Many presidents have worn Rolexes through the ages, so the replica Rolex Weekly log, or DD, is called the Presidential watch.

In 1956

Rolex launched a Day – the Date series; this is the first Date and week show up on the watch’s dial; with 18 k gold and platinum two versions, it has become a new brand: President wristwatch.

In 1963-1966

Lyndon Johnson became the first president to wear a Day-Date wristwatch. In 1966 replica Rolex spent just $1 000 (about its usual $7 400) on an AD that emphasized its connection to the president.

In 1999-2007

One of Tony Soprano’s displays of power was his replica¬†Rolex Presidential watch with an 18-karat gold champagne dial. In an ideal life, James. Gandolfini is partial to the Rolex Submariner series, playing his daughter Jamie on TV. Lynn Siegler wears a Rolex Daytona.
Previously the collection was only available in gold and platinum, but later came out (Platinum edition at the top) and rose gold.
Ice blue classic elegant, platinum diamond inlaid luxury.
Diameter: 36mm Movement type: automatic case Material:950 platinum diamond-inset dial color: ice blue, with eight diamonds and two rectangular diamonds Table mirror material: anti-scratch blue social glass, anti-reflective convex, and transparent magnification (2.5x) calendar window crown material:950 platinum, Screw-in type double lock double waterproof system watchband material:950 platinum, head type, semi-ring three-row link buckle material:950 platinum, shade type folding crown buckle watch function: Date display, week display table bottom: close bottom
This watch can give a person’s first impression as pure, fresh, and noble; understand the table; all know that this figure is the table plate ice blue surface, ring diamond.
We all know that the Rolex diamond is not cheap; although this watch, whether the strap dial or crown, the style is familiar, its 950 platinum structure is impossible to ignore.
It was the first wristwatch in the world that had both a calendar window and the ability to display the entire week on the dial, which was a substantial technical achievement at the time. As a distinguished watch model, the calendar with the head of the watchband was as soon as influential people introduced it. The Weekly calendar model was introduced in 2008, adhering to the outstanding tradition of the first weekly calendar watch; it can display the calendar and the whole week and has various language options. Today, the new 41mm calendar model takes the classic extreme. The week calendar type watch is the opposite choice of dignitaries, the essence of luxury style deduction. The original calendar is the first watch that can only display the calendar and the whole week simultaneously, with various language options.Replica Rolex watches, from time to time, have close relations with influential people who lead the world. Regardless of their foresight and exceptional achievements, these many outstanding people have a common point – they all wear a weekly calendar watch.

Many people may feel that gold is a little bit of the old-style platinum ice blue computer surface is undoubtedly your best choice according to the market prices of second-hand prices in 32W, or so these luxury replica watches play a few years to sell and also can not lose tens of thousands of dollars.

Case_size:36 MM
Case_material:Platinum set with Diamonds
Bracelet_material:Platinum (President)
Dial_type:Blue Diamond
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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