Once And For All, Is It True Fake Designer Watches

Mr. Zhong Yonglin once said: If a person can only have one good watch, it must be the Rolex Day-Date.
Day-Date (now referred to as DD) was born in 1956. It is the first watch in the world to have a calendar window and full writing display on the dial.

Since its birth, it has been the flagship watch of Rolex and is only available in precious metals.

Not only that, but DD has also established the brand positioning that Rolex has continued to this day, that is, luxury and practical daily watches (with little concern for complex functions).

legendary model

If we only take the 36mm gold tooth ring model as an example, in the history of nearly 65 years, it has gone through many models such as 6511-1803-18038-18238-118238-128238.

Especially in the peak period of mechanical watches in the 1970s, 1803, equipped with the 1556 movement, made significant contributions to Rolex.

With its unique design and precise and durable quality, Rolex has consolidated its prominent position in luxury daily fake designer watches.

In 2020, Christie’s auction will also include the 1803 model as one of the top ten Rolex antique swiss replica watches worthy of attention.

Civilian DD

In my limited Rolex purchase experience, 1803 is my favorite.

If it is not chosen from the perspective of expert perfectionism and business people hoarding, 1803 is indeed a good Rolex to start with.

It is common to find 1803s with straight needles, fair treatment, and good condition. Their advantages are affordable, daily use, and fun.
old text, new knowledge
As for the good words of 1803, you could quote Mr. Zhu Lei’s old articles, and I will take my own 1803 pictures and a few words, by the way.

The ancient Day-Date has a very different feeling from the present: the unique tortoise back dial is concave, has a different feel from the curved dial and the pure flat dial, and can securely produce a card with the movement. Type fixed, unlike the two face plate nails later.

The dial scale and hands of the ancient Day-Date are more straight than they are today, but there are several kinds of writings. I especially like the combination of fly characters and sword needles. The sharp feeling, mixed with the mellow taste of the 1950s, is so beautiful that it cannot be copied.

My 1803 has needles and engraved bars. The unique feature is that the plate has no luminous light, and the “black lacquer line” is uniformly configured. This is a configuration that only appeared from 1803 to the 1970s.

The ancient Day-Date is made of acrylic glass, which can make the case design look thinner, and its advantage is that it is as moist as jade and does not have the cold feeling of sapphire glass when touched by the hand. The impact or fall will only produce a small crack instead of shattering like sapphire glass.
Many maintenance teachers prefer acrylic glass because even if it breaks, a lot of debris will not enter the movement. In most cases, only the glass needs to be replaced.

The natural enemy of acrylic mirrors is not impact but alcohol! I had a noodle needle in 1803 before, and the mirror was destroyed by alcohol wiping. Remember, acrylic mirrors will crack when exposed to alcohol.

The ancient Day-Date has another advantage in design, that is, the filing lugs that have continued until the Ref.18238 era.

This kind of lug can resist all types of scratches and collisions, but the scars are not so “conspicuous,” The file marks and the mirror polishing on the side produce excellent contrast, one rough and one delicate, very black and white feeling.
old labor complex
Unfortunately, the 1803 model is challenging to find a Führer chain in good condition. But then again, the ancient DD with a belt has long been the default option in the collection industry.
Players with an elegant heart mostly match a pair of golden ears of the same period and an 18k pure gold buckle to complete the complex.

Looking back on the experience in 1803, I can’t forget a piece of text I read, which reads like this:
I remember that in “Infernal Affairs 2” about ten years ago, Wu Zhenyu took off a gold white-faced aperture Day-Date at the police station and put it on the table until the pointer crossed noon, followed by the change of the week. Then he said: “It’s been four years, and my father said that if you come out to play around, you will have to pay it back sooner or later!”

Ten years later, I finally owned an old Rolex Day-Date 1803 (1968 model).
I don’t know if it’s the preference for antique watches, the obsession with Rolex, or the expectation of being able to see the calendar week at a glance, or maybe it’s the playful feeling that the 1556 movement needs to be adjusted by the first three and the last three. In short, all kinds of ghosts and gods. Under the influence, I got 1803.

The watch worn for over 40 years is not old but has some atmosphere and stability and can stand the test of time.

Listening to her “da da da da” sound instead of the high-frequency tremolo of “crackling,” I can’t say I like it in my heart.
Excuse me
If you can only have one good watch, it must be the Rolex DD; the most tempting one is 1803.
In today’s blowout consumption of luxury watches, I don’t know if it’s appropriate to talk about this once and for all. It depends on whether the buyer is a Rolex.

Only those who reward themselves with challenging work achievements and devote themselves to their busy careers can get a phased “once and for all.”
As an accessory plaything, those who are constantly chasing fresher and hotter labor should belong to the “new labor without hesitation.”
Furthermore, those not limited to new labor may also “excuse me for trouble.”

Brand: Rolex
Range: Cellini
Model: 5310
Gender: Ladies
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 25 MM
Case_material: Rose Gold set with Diamonds
Bracelet_material: Crocodile – Brown
Dial_type: white dial
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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