Palm Leaf Vs. Pit Pattern, Which Type Of Best Rolex Replicas Logs Is Your Exclusive?

To say that the most classic models of Rolex's many series, many people first think of the diary type. This series, born in 1945, is the first automatic mechanical watch in the world to set the calendar window at 3 points. The unique convex mirror calendar window has strengthened people's impression of it and has a high degree of recognition, which has also swept this model to this day. The choice of modern log types is vibrant. There are three diameters 31, 36, and 41 mm. The texture of the dial is also diverse. Today, let's take stock of the unique dials in Rolex logs.

Solar pattern

As one of the long-established textures, the solar pattern is widely used on the significant series of best Rolex replicas, and the log type is no exception. As the name suggests, the solar lines are radiation-shaped, and the pointer axis is scattered to the four weeks with the heart of the pointer axis. It will follow the angle of the dial to form a light and dark intertwined light effect. Routing lines include the reason for the ribbon drawing. It only presents one texture when the vertical overlook, and when the side observation is observed, it will show a very three-dimensional metal texture, greatly enriching the dial details. This is also the It is fascinating.

Ref.126200 is equipped with Rolex’s latest Cal.3235 movement. It uses a 36mm diameter with a bright sundial. As a basic log-type watch, it retains simple aesthetic elements, but the details are not simple: the polished outer circle and the sides of the ears reflect elegance and shine, further highlighting the outline of the case. In addition, when the Roman numerals The scale and the scales of 9 o’clock make it charm.

Commemorative pattern

Memorial patterns are a unique texture. It is composed of Rolex letters and is unique to the log. The commemorative pattern is based on the solar pattern surface, and it can also show the light and dark light effects with the angle change. The Rolex letter of the dial is full of layering. It cleverly integrates the Rolex brand logo with the dial design, which is more designed than the conventional solar disk surface.

With the continuous development of the series, the commemorative patterns are gradually replaced by various new planes. On Rolex’s official website, the current log-type watches have no trace of commemorative practices. But as a classic disk design, players still favor it in the secondary market.

Palm leaf

At the 2021 clocks and miracle high-end watch exhibitions, Rolex brought us a new palm leaf plate, the most “young” market in the log. The younger meaning mentioned here has two purposes: the launch time is short and undoubtedly very young than the classic texture, such as the solar pattern. The second means that its design style is young, which is conducive to The inherent impression.

Palm leaves have three colors: olive green, gold, and silver. Among them, the highest popularity is olive green. As a popular color matching of Rolex, green has increased popularity in a series of submarine types. Green is also the color of the plant theme, so it has attracted much attention since the birth of the market.


It was also in 2021. There were also pits on the panel with palm leaves. Compared with the vibrant palm leaf patterns, the holes are regularly discharged, like a wall made of BRICS, which gives people a neat beauty and complements the precious metal material. The inspiration for pit patterns originated from another high-recognition design: the triangular pit pattern’s outer ring (tooth ring). The dial texture is also formed by two types of ways of depth, which is well reflected in the essence of the log.

At present, there are many colors to choose from pits. Among them, Ref.126234 blue pits are a product with a high degree of love. The standard is gold, and the low-key is elegant.

Pearl Mother

Because of its gorgeous color and shine, the pearl mother luxury replica watches disk is not exaggerated. Not only is the female cousin love, but men can also be brilliant. This dial fully demonstrates Rolex’s jewelry technology. It is challenging to process all disk surfaces in the log. It is also a high price.

Ref.126333 uses a diamond white pearl parent dial and a commemorative strap. The 41mm meter diameter further enlarges the texture of the pearl articular dial. Diamonds are unique to her mother-in-law’s unique luster, and the overall texture is luxurious.

Palm leaf pattern vs. pits

Regardless of whether it is vibrant palm leaf patterns or introverted pits, for the classic series of logs, the brand is also constantly merging the elements of the times, catering to the preferences of different watch friends with various dial textures. The texture of the plates mentioned above listed above is selling models except for commemorative patterns, and they all have their loyalty. I need to find out which style is your favorite.

  • Model: 118206
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Case Color: Silver-tone
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Dial Color: Silver Jubilee Dial
  • Gender: Men’s
  • Series: Day-Date

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