Rolex Cosmometer Ditona Series 116509 Replicas Watch China

Today to bring you a Rolex swiss models cosmic meter Ditona series 116509 replicas watch china; first, look at the information to understand it.
For the modification of the watch, IPK has been said many times; for the high price of the original watch, many table friends are discouraged, so the cost-effective improvement of the replicas watch china to achieve detoxification.
Today, the modification of this watch is straightforward; replace the genuine accessory “dial bezel needle”.
40mm diameter, the size of the ordinary moment, this Ditona is durable, not like all gold eyes, not like steel Di familiar, and the silver-gray dial perfectly neutralized the metal sense of steel Di, more and more coordination.
The Rolex Ditone Series has a long history of timekeeping fake designer watches designed specifically for racing drivers.Us as ordinary people, we may not be able to experience the speed and passion of racing cars, but this does not prevent Daytona from being loved by everyone. The Daytona is a fantastic replicas watch china with an enduring shape that is both a sports watch and a business watch.
Sapphire glass mirror anti-counterfeit small crown can be clear, after anti-glare process treatment, permeability is very high, through the table mirror to see the disk in a glance. Table mirror and the outer ring of the inlaid seam to ensure the daily wear of waterproof function.
Zoom in on the details and look at the literal product. All the time scale scales are silver-gray white three-dimensional time scales. The dial layout seems complex but clear and straightforward, and a rod pointer is used in the middle. The literal ink inside the dial is uniform and smooth, showing a perfect texture. The nail scale is inlaid neatly and standard and the details are not different. The spacing of each time scale on the inner edge is consistent, especially the Rolex logo, which adds a lot of aesthetic feeling to the whole dial. Below are the English Logo and notes of Rolex; the font is 3D printing, and the three-dimensional sense is also powerful!
Look at the genuine ring mouth details; there are slight scratches, which also show that he is removed from the two wristwatches above; there will be normal wear and wear marks.
As always, the design of the dense bottom, because the bottom of the shell should contact with the skin, so the ring fine lines drawing treatment, the bottom cover is low and flat, inverted ladder shape, only 2.5mm high ring edges are chamfered treatment, polishing refined without pulling feeling.
Movement with N4130 movement, this movement is not much introduced, thickness function and authentic, consistent, stable travel time.
This Rolex silver gray dish Di Tona modified genuine three pieces or a perfect solution, that is, to preserve and save money.
Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:White Gold
Bracelet_material:White Gold (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Arabic
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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