Rolex’s Most Classic Greenwich Replica Watch 3186 Movements 116710ln

Rolex Greenwich replica watch, classic Greenwich, both appearance and function are very classic, with GMT function and magnifying glass calendar function, with the most classic Rolex series design, let’s take a look at this N Factory V7 version of Rolex Greenwich.

Rolex Greenwich type replica watch case using 316 fine steel, the case after drawing treatment is full of texture, black ceramic ring on the scale engraved clear and delicate, consistent with the authentic, sapphire crystal mirror, permeability is total.

The bar scale on the Greenwich disc of Rolex is printed neatly and accurately with the same proportional spacing; the circular scale on the disc has the same proportional size and is delicate and three-dimensional; the inverted triangle of 12 points is perfectly made, aligned in the center, and the corner is polished carefully.

The Rolex Greenwich model adopts a screwed-in crown. The LOGO engraved on the crown is exquisite and perfect. The pits are polished neatly and in the same depth.

The curvature of the Rolex franck muller replica Greenwich type ear is perfect, and there is chamfer grinding, consistent with the effect of the actual product.

Rolex GMT type 3 points of magnifying glass calendar, magnifying glass coated with the blue film, prevent glance is easier to read, calendar font center printing, font, thickness is consistent with the real thing, four hands length size is consistent with the real thing, green GMT pointer delicate and perfect, center the font on the disk surface printing, spacing is consistent with the real thing, 6 PM at the bottom of the printed font with the radian of the dial.

The bottom cover of the Fake Rolex Greenwich type is drawn and pulled very exquisitely, the grain pit is polished neatly, the depth is consistent, and the movement is equipped with a reproduction 3186 automatic mechanical movement. The overall reduction degree of the action is very high, the function is compatible with the genuine product, and the travel time is accurate and stable.

The folding buckle of Rolex Greenwich type is polished, and the font engraved on the hook is exquisite and full of texture.

Rolex Greenwich’s luminous effect is very bright, and the color is consistent with the original, using imported brilliant materials and lasting bright.

Summary: Rolex Greenwich is classic, mature, functional, and practical; like friends, do not miss OH!



Range:GMT Master II
Model:116710 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (OysterLock)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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