Rolex Fake Submariner Hulk Model 116610lv Watch Article

216570 White Dial (aka Polar) is here after a long period of not Posting Rolex-related content. When our interest in Rolex fake chronometers wanes as their watches become more glitter and less “instrumental”, the Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 116610LV (also known as “The Incredible Hulk”) is another of these works, and its unique features make us fascinated by the brand. There is no doubt that the Rolex Submariner, one of the five most iconic watches in the world, has been getting better and better for more than 60 years since it was first introduced in 1953. Rolex fake Submariner Date ref. The watch comprises a 40mm stainless steel case with a striking green dial and a green-black chrome bezel. 116610LV (aka “Hulk”) is one of those special Rolexes you rarely see in the tumultuous six years after its debut in 2010.

Dial and ring

Rolex fake Submariner Date REF. The 116610LV (aka “Hulk”) comes with a green Maxie dial and bold markings in 18-karat white gold. The dial is a true chameleon whose hue varies from a dark green (almost black) to a pretty “Kelly green” when exposed to bright light or sunny days. The Hulk comes with a green gradient bear from Rolex’s proprietary chrome. The baffle is easy to use, perfect for all kinds of diving, and slightly lighter and more “milky white” than the dial.
The chrome bezel is initially made of white zirconium dioxide powder, which is then mixed with the pigment that provides it with the desired final color, in this case, green. A high-pressure molding machine shapes the resulting paste to form a blank border. After multiple shots at temperatures over 1500 degrees Celsius, the ring hardened and revealed its final color. The third step involves precision machining with a diamond tool to cut the ring’s scale numbers and numbers and give the crew the final shape and dimensions.
The entire ring is then coated with a thin layer of platinum by the PVD process (physical vapor deposition) to fill the letter-engraved numbers and scales. Finally, platinum was removed from the surface of the ring by diamond polishing while retaining the platinum coating on the numbers and rankings. This last step gives the chrome border an extremely glossy appearance.

Hand catenary

Rolex Submariner Date Ref. The 116610LV (aka “Hulk”) and other Rolex fake sports, such as the GMT Master, have an unpolished center link on their Oyster chain. This nuance makes a lot of sense because you probably don’t want to scratch the middle link while putting on your diving gear or not get too close to the coral while diving. Sturdy and equipped with an Oyster clasp to prevent accidental opening, the strap uses the Glidelock system to fit comfortably on a wetsuit.


Rolex Submariner Date REF. The 116610LV (also known as the Hulk) is powered by a Rolex fake automatic internal movement 3135. Fully developed and manufactured by Rolex, this movement is one of the most influential and accurate movements available. The Type 3135 movement is equipped with paramagnetic blue Parachrom springs. Like all Rolex fake permanent movements, the 3135 is a certified Swiss astronomical clock, a name reserved for high-precision swiss replica watches that successfully pass the Official Swiss Association for Astronomical Clock Testing (COSC). Watch waterproof depths up to 300 meters.


Model:116610 LV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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