Rolex Green 18k Gold 118138 Replica Watch Reviews

Since its introduction in 1956, DAY-DATE watches have been popular with the prominent. It is the world’s first watch with a calendar window on the surface and a written week in English. As an example of a luxury replica watch reviews, the weekly calendar model is only minted in precious metals such as gold and platinum.


You are familiar with Rolex. One of the first high-end watches I knew was Rolex, but I wouldn’t say I liked it until later. One of the things that keeps me hooked on Rolex is its unique green color. I am not a green person, but I have no resistance to the green tone of Rolex. From the green water ghost to the green 18k gold 118138, I have the ultimate temptation, which makes me drool. Rolex has put great effort into this beautiful green color, and the original green and gold dial technology intoxicate everyone who sees it. Below we will taste this green tone 118138 only using gold and platinum, and other precious metals casting; it is the choice of dignitaries, the essence of luxury style interpretation.


The dazzling color is hard to resist; the colorful dial can be said to give the whole replica watch reviews a new charm; the seemingly low-key appearance of the gorgeous dial looks particularly attractive. Whether you’re commuting or vacationing, a watch with a colorful dial will make you the center of attention.


Replica watch reviews review: Rolex’s weekly calendar is a symbol of unbeatable status. Its oyster case is water resistant to 100 meters, and its 36mm case is made of 18-karat gold, which is worthy of its exalted status. The unique middle case is cast from one solid piece of metal. In addition to a small window displaying the calendar, the week calendar II has a curved window at 12 o ‘clock, which can show the whole week, with the classic design of three pins, information at a glance. Rolex 3155 movement is accurate and stable. This replica watch reviews is unique because the dial and the band are painted green, which makes the eyes shine. Launched in 2013, this green dial-face calendar watch from Rolex is made of 18-karat gold for a youthful look. The gold case also looks much younger with green accents, making it one of the most suitable best replica watches for young women. It can match cognac dial watches, matching couples very well. The watch is equipped with CAL.3155 automatic movement, a weekly calendar display function, a power reserve of 48 hours, a 28800 times/hour swing frequency, and observatory certification.


Case_size:36 MM
Case_material:Rose Gold
Bracelet_material:Crocodile – Black
Dial_type:Silver Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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