The New Rolex Ghost King 126660 Watch Replicas

In 2019, Rolex gave their “Beast” an update — releasing the number 126660 Rolex Deepsea Sea-Sea-dweller. There are some aesthetic upgrades to this watch replicas.


The Rolex Deepsea is currently the most oversized watch replicas in the Rolex lineup with a cup size — hence the name “Monster.” Unlike some big brands, I find it hard to find enthusiasts who think Deepsea is “okay.”
It’s classic hate it or hates it a relationship, and because of that, the watch’s position in the catalog is unique. There were so many Pepsi and Root Beer promotions at Baselworld this year that the response to Deepsea was muted — admittedly in large part due to the watch’s lack of dramatic aesthetic changes and enhancements.
The D-Blue gradient dial is a noticeable first feature, although an all-black “traditional” model was also released.


There were some pretty easy tweaks, like the Deepsea letters on the dial, the fonts for “Original Gas Escape Valve, “and “Ring Lock System”…


Rolex has also adjusted the length of the second and minute hands, which are no longer shorter than the inner and outer edges of the chapter scale. The minute and second hands have both been lengthened by a millimeter for easier alignment.
Much to the disappointment of watch replicas lovers, the writing on the dial has remained strong. However, the latest model looks more compact.


Among the other minor tweaks: The Rolex earpiece has been “redesigned,” — including a smaller, tapering design with a slight arc. The lug is about 1mm thinner than the previous version. The chain has been widened by 1mm and sharpened to accommodate the new design.
Rolex is all about the coveted 3235 movements in Deepsea. Last year’s Haizang was powered by this movement, as are the latest Day-Date and Datejust.
Combined with Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement system and Parachrom, Rolex can claim natural antimagnetic protection and a tenfold increase in crash protection.
Another notable feature is that the watch replicas has a power reserve of 70 hours due to the escapement effect of the new wind-up case design, while the Deepsea with the 3135 movement has a power reserve of about 50 hours.
Also, the movement will go through the Rolex certification process. In 2015, Rolex replicas for sale was dissatisfied with the certification process and developed a different, more elaborate certification method.
It includes the movement of the observatory certification and the test with the action after the table. All new Deepsea models with the Type 3235 movement will undergo this modified certification process according to strict guidelines. Passing the certified meter means walking time is up to two seconds faster a day, and the warranty is up to five years.
This update could be much better than the Baselworld 2018 releases, but it’s worth appreciating. The new movement increases the power reserve, and the case and dial upgrades may appeal to some after some time. Still, they are new value to new customers who have always loved this model. This model is a bit large for Rolex (44mm wide and 18mm thick is not excessive, considering the 3,900m water resistance rating), and other brands have larger but lower water resistance ratings.


Model:116660 – D-Blue
Case_size:44 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black & Blue
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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